Change username


Maybe a bit of a silly question, but on other discourse sites I remember there was an option for this, I just can’t find it here.

Can one change their username? I made this account for a specific question, but have since started also using the forums outside of work, so I want to decouple my username from the company. I could just make a new account, but I would prefer not to lose my badges, topics and stats (Kinda silly I know :sweat_smile: )

If this isn’t possible afterall, I will need to make a new account, but I figured I might ask before taking that step.

So it is possible, but:

Note that all @username references to that user in post text will be broken after the name change.

That’s fine with me. How do I do it?

It needs to be set by the admins to allow the changing of user names.

The issue with allowing it means that as we grow many people may change their username leading to messy threads.

By default you have 3 days to change your username after sign up. After which you can only change your display name.

I see. I guess Ill make a new account then. Thank you for your help regardless

Ill be continuing from this account.