Check Plugin Status plugin - warnings and notices

The plugin is producing a lot of warnings and notices – nearly 200 – and left me with a mostly-unreadable screen. Variables need to be initialized to ensure their existence before use – or checked for with !empty() or isset() before use. You can catch these types of issues by installing new plugins on a brand new installation of ClassicPress with full error reporting enabled (such as with the PHP Error Log Viewer plugin.)

Overall, love the idea – just needs a bit more lovin’ to get it playing nicely with the system.

I’ll take a look; I thought my test site had warnings enabled.

It’s very possible that you do (have warnings/notices enabled).

Thing is: a common issue during plugin development is that sometimes you end up with bits of data stored in the database as you develop – the plugin can work fine without first checking for variables…because they do exist. However, when you install the plugin on a brand new site (which surely doesn’t have those random bits of data in the database,) the warnings then become apparent.

This same issue has gotten me a bunch of times. Installing the plugin on a new site that has never seen it before always reveals these “hidden” issues.

Yeah, I should probably have a dev site a well as a test site and use them for the designated purpose.

I can always blow away settings from the test site before doing any testing.

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