Checking jQuery functionality.. with Cryout Serious Theme Settings plugin


I am running ClassicPress 1.4.4 running Tempera theme.

Till yesterday my fully upgraded Debian 11 server was running php 7 and everything was peachy.

Yesterday I’ve upgraded to php 8.1 (Nextcloud was moaning about php 7) and everything (almost) is still fine with my ClassicPress installation.

Since the upgrade the Cryout Serious Theme Settings plugin complains about jquery.

Checking jQuery functionality…
If this message remains visible after the page has loaded then there is a problem with your WordPress jQuery library. This can have several causes, including incompatible plugins. The Tempera Settings page cannot function without jQuery.

and the menu that the plugin provides in unusable.

So I thought… It MUST be the php 8.1 that is to blame right? But just to be certain I have created another subdomain on my server and armed it with the latest wordpress and then installed Tempera theme and the Cryout Serious Theme Settings plugin

As you can see the jquery message is gone and the plugin works correctly.

It’s the exact same server (virtual machine) as the other instance so its not a matter of missing package, its the exact same (except for hostname and root folder and ssl files) nginx.conf file. Basically the only difference is whatever the diff between ClassicPress and Wordpress has.

I know that Tempera is not exactly supported but I installed it and was able to configure it before changing to php 8.1. After installation plugin broke.

Sorry, I had more info (images) in the post but… new users - one image per post…

Any possible solutions?

Kindest regards.


ClassicPress 1.4.4 is still using the older jQuery and PHP. The two are unrelated since PHP runs on the server and jQuery runs on the client (your browser).
The CP 1.5.0 release candidate has fixes for PHP 8.0.

The message from your theme “The Tempera Settings page cannot function without jQuery.” is misdirecting you, because it should be loading the script that it needs. (CP does bundle jQuery, and plugins and themes should use the bundled version.) As it says, though, the cause can be an incompatible plugin, because if a script gets an error, JS execution stops and so other scripts are not run, which they can’t really do anything about. (None of the scripts should have to include a global error handler.)

If you got a PHP 8 error that made it so the jQuery was not queued to load, it could look like PHP is fine but causing JS problems.

As Joy pointed out, right now ClassicPress v1.5.0-RC1 supports PHP 8.0. I would recommend trying this version with PHP 8.0, not 8.1, with your theme. See if that fixes the issue or not. You can find instructions on how to upgrade to 1.5.0-RC1 here, it’s pre-release version for testing only:

Thanks for your replies.

I will mess around with 1.5.0-RC1 soon.

Not changing to php 8.0 as all my other services successfully adapted to 8.1

1 plugin is not a deal breaker (especially that its only needed to configure the theme which is already configured) and will keep my sites running CP hoping that everything will get fixed when the 1.5.x goes stable in the future.

Interesting find with the migration plugin.

It has no problems with the php 8.1 :slight_smile:



That solves the issue. Php 8.1 and CP 1.5.0 and everything is back to normal.




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