Chrome cache

On the video game website I run, I activated the SSL certificate and after activating the game, photos that have only http or no ssl certificate were not visible on the page.
Then in a conversation with the WEB hosting provider u in httaces I entered a certain code and after that those games and photos became visible in all browsers and on the mobile except the PC chrome browser.
In all the ways I know I have cleared the browser cache

  • Clear the cache in browser settings
  • CMD clear local cache
  • using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F5, CTRL + shift + F5
  • Ccleaner
  • Add-ons on the website …

But all in vain those photos and games on my PC in Chrome are not visible.
I repeat on Mozilla, Opera and all mobile and android box browsers and even Chrome display these games and photos neatly.

Whether it can be set in Chrome settings or there is some other way

Thank you in advance

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Are you getting any errors, like 404 file not available, in the Chrome browser console?

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It’s a mixed resources issue.
Google is the main promoter of the https standard.
It detects that some of your assets are served https and some http.
You can solve this in WP using plugins like really simple all, but I don’t know if these kind of plugins work for CP.

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I’ve used those plugins a lot of times but now I prefer to fix thing once.
This means:

  • forcing https at server level
  • replacing all http sources with https (mainly in the database)

It’s harder to explain than to do, chrome’s console helps a lot.

@Simone not knowing if the op was confident in setting this up manually I suggested a plugin, I agree with you on the fact that in a ideal world your solution should be preferred.
@JerryNidzo the solution Simone mentions is very effective and doesn’t use plugins, and it’s easy if you know your way around things. And solves the issue once and for all. Your hosting provider should be able to assist you in this.

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Thanks to everyone for the suggestions

I did two actions
The hosting server suggested that I add the following rule to the .htaccess at the top
Header set Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests
Then I listened to @Simone’s advice in the database replaced http: // to https: // and I have this result
The third action I took was to put all the other games that didn’t work in the sketch
Then I sent an email to the games distributor in which I wrote that his games are not displayed on my site due to the ssl certificate.
If I do not receive a response from the distributor soon the of the games will be removed or if I manage to find a replacement the same will be replaced

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The distributor isn’t handling https very well.
Just comparing and tells me that they have some troubles…


And nicely I sent them an email if I can do anything about it, if there is no response the games from this distributor will be removed

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