Clarifying my standing on responsibility, as I feel it's misrepresented

Continuing the discussion from Number of plugins on a site:

You are misunderstanding me here. I am not saying that the developer is not responsible. I am saying ClassicPress is not the end-responsible. Of course if you maintain a website, you are the party of blame if its not secure.


I totally agree on that and I clarified it later on, on the other thread. ClassicPress is definitely not responsible for the quality of the plugins or what these plugins will be on each and every individual website.
In the first case responsible are those who develop the plugins. In the second case are the website designers or the owners who design themselves their websites .
What I’ve said though is that IF a web designer is hired to design and maintain a website then s/he is the only one responsible for its stability, security and good performance. The website designer who is supposed to be a professional, ( and a such supposedly knowledgable and experienced on the subject) can’t pass the responsibility of the/any faulty plugin to its makers. S/he is responsible to check out in advance what the heck are the plugins that runs on a cms.
The customers afterall hired him/her to design a website simply because they don’t have a clue on how to do make it themselves.

Unless someone decides to design it all alone. My opinion is that by the time that someone chooses to follow the DIY road, then s/he takes all the responsibility without excuses. :slight_smile: