Classic Commerce 1.0.0 (HOORAY)

We are incredibly pleased to announce the release of Classic Commerce 1.0.0

If you already have CC installed, the new version should be automatically available from your dashboard in the usual way. Download links are below.

This version has introduced the following changes:

  • New: Complete new set of sample products created specifically for CC #284
  • Updated: All documentation links now point to #274, #278, #281
  • Fixed: CC icon wasn’t turning blue on hover #265
  • Updated: Update manager updated to v2 #264
  • Updated: node-sass and handlebars dependencies #258, #259
  • Improved: Stock levels are now hidden on the dashboard widget if inventory is disabled #261
  • Improved: Additional checks made during build process #269
  • Tweaks: Some well-hidden instances of WC purple changes to CC aqua #270, #271

Note that there are now substantial docs available at
All of the document links throughout the plugin have been amended to point to this new reference material, and other pages will be added soon. There are also some tutorials available and more on the way.

We also have our own set of sample products featuring specially commissioned products from some of the top designers in Paris and Milan. For example, this stylish beanie can be yours at the mere click of a mouse button:


SPECIAL OFFER: Download Classic Commerce and try it out right now!

Github links:

Classic Commerce repository:

Classic Commerce 1.0.0 download:

CC Compatibility for Woo Addons download:


Just want to add that @ozfiddler has done a lot of great work on this release, especially in preparing and updating documentation (see and also creating the new CC sample products.