Classic Commerce discussion

On a side note I see you plan to make extensions for woo compatible with CP/ ClassicCommerce and that is wonderful.
Worth mentioning that CC at present is not maintained, it would be a great idea to discuss how to get it out of the limbo @timkaye

I’m responsible for building the directory, @ElisabettaCarrara, not specific plugins.

This I know but being the one in charge of the directory makes you the one to ask what do we need to do to it to make it directory ready. I suppose it needs to be updated with security fixes, and made ready by having both and .txt. is that correct?
Is it maybe also needed to see if woo has some features not related to blocks amd fse that might be useful but that can be done after it is secure and ready with all the things it needs for the dir imho.

I haven’t ever used Classic Commerce, so I don’t know specifically what updates it needs. But yes, a file will be required.

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Thanks for confirming this.

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