Classic Commerce documentation

In preparation for the imminent arrival of Classic Commerce 1.0.0 we have been compiling our own set of documentation.

This is well underway and the main reference page can be viewed here:

We now have 91 code snippets that can be used to add extra functionality:

There is also a very useful visual guide to hook locations on template pages:

We have started to make up some tutorials and there will be more to come:

If anyone sees any mistakes or omissions, or if anything isn’t clear, please let us know here (especially if you see any mention of WooCommerce or WordPress :slightly_smiling_face:).

Note: There will still be reference to woocommerce in hooks, classes, etc. These have not been changed. But they should all be lower case, so if you see a WooCommerce in the main text please let me know (except of course on the main docs page where it is meant to be referenced).


Nice job!

Scanning through pages, I noticed code snippet in this tutorial doesn’t use correct code block like the rest of pages:


This is a really big undertaking. It’s great to see so much progress on this already! Good show!!


Thanks Viktor. I’ve made a change to that.

By the way, we are still talking about what a fantastic job you did with that logo design. :clap:


Glad I was able to help with the logo. I have a bit more time now, so I’m trying to pop in more often.