Classic Commerce Extensions/Plugins

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I have a few WooCommerce extensions. Hit me up if you need them for development.

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Sounds interesting. Can you give more details? What do they do?

I have it if you need it. (Stripe plugin) :wink:

Ah. OK, I was misunderstanding you. I thought these were plugins you had written. Still, will be handy if we need to install anything without creating an account. Thanks.

At this stage though we are just trying to get a stable and workable core. The plugin work will come later.

So this raises an interesting issue that I want to open up for discussion. @Web242 has just sent me a list of plugins he has (some subscription-based and some needing an account) in case we need any for testing.

I was looking at the list and the very first one is:

WooCommerce Order Status Control
WooCommerce Order Status Control can automatically mark paid orders as ‘complete’ instead of ‘processing’, completing skipping the ‘processing’ status.

Apparently you pay US$29 a year for this extension. But in the WC docs they give an example of a simple piece of code that you can add to functions.php that looks like it does the same thing:

Up until now I had been thinking that with the CC extensions we would need to be doing one of 2 options:

  1. List and monitor the extensions that are compatible with both WC and CC.
  2. For important extensions that are not CC-compatible, work on forking our own versions.

However I can now see another alternative…

  1. Show people how to do stuff without needing an extension at all.

This might be another solution for dealing with some of the simpler plugins that people are currently using that become incompatible with CC.


This is something Woo does too:

So it seems like a good idea to me. :grinning:


As I said on Slack @ozfiddler, I think it’s a good idea. There’s nothing like a good snippet, when you feel like you’re getting summat for nowt. :slight_smile: