Classic Elements - First Update

This is the first progress report on the fork of Elementor done in order to provide the ClassicPress community with it’s own page builder.

First of all a thank you to those who gave me the confidence to take on this project - it is an honour (honor?) :slight_smile:

The first stage of the project was to rebrand it in order to avoid name collision as well as abuse of the original developers brand/copyright. I’m happy to announce that this phase has been completed (99%) - current repository can be found here >> Classic Elements - no release yet however there will be a beta release by the end of this week!

The road ahead: Roadmap.

1: To establish an API connection from which to serve the plugins template library - in progress!

2: Liaise with 3rd party addon developers with the intention of a) make them aware of the existence of Classic Elements and b) to encourage them to support the fork and by extension win them over to supporting ClassicPress in other ways - some contacts have been made and on going.

3: I’ll be looking at developing a pro version (may be based on the original) in order to bring in some revenue to support the project - will be looking at this with the official ClassicPress to see how it can be best achieved. Slotted for after v1.0.0 has been released (aiming for 1st April 2020 at the latest).

4: Once the dust has cleared and we have a good/strong user base, will be looking at setting up a Template Library cloud offering. Initial groundwork has been initiated on this with another developer as I believe it will catch on :wink:

The above roadmap is not conclusive or complete as there are some nuances that can/will be slotted in between the list - will look at these as we progress.

To end for now, I’m officially putting a call out to fellow developers and designers to jump onboard and support this project. We will need templates for the plugin and who better to do that than the good designers I know we have in the community :slight_smile:

Finally, are you a REST API expert? Can you lend a hand even if it’s just advice? Yes? Let’s have a chat please :slight_smile:

Any questions? Please feel free to ask in comments or raise an issue on GitHub link above!