Classic Press Link in the Footer of Sites Using CP

Some time ago, SEOs said that having sitewide links that aren’t nofollowed was not good for the target site’s SEO.

There is a link to that I assume defaulted when I switched from WordPress. Is it good or bad for YOU for that link to be dofollow?

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If you really want to do something good and want to support ClassicPress then always DOFOLLOW. It has been established for years that “link stinginess” has been developed in order to egomaniacally bind the search engines to one’s own site. However, the bottom line is that both you and ClassicPress can benefit in terms of SEO if you allow the search engines to follow this link, it may even bring you more “trust”. Lesson 2: Never listen to the youtube gossips

If you like extreme security, you never reveal which software you use and also use special tools to disguise the reading of the CMS used. The CP toolkit, for example, can do that.


As long as CP is happy, it’s ok by me. Not using the default admin location and adding a pop-up to protect the login page do wonders for keeping scrapers and hackers out.


Excuse me for popping in. How to do this? Is there a plugin for that?

Hi @zudn,

I sent this link How to Password Protect Your WordPress Admin (wp-admin) Directory to the tech. Whether he used that or knew how already, I don’t know.

The two key points are:

  1. Move the page - don’t use wp-admin or wp-login.

  2. Put a pop-up login (separate username and password) over the new page location.

By doing this, you keep the from running cracking programs against your main login page. I had to do this because so many were running against my site it was getting Database Connection Errors (white page) instead of loading my site.

I don’t know if there is a plugin for that. And if there is, it may or may not continue to support Classic Press.

Thanks for your kind reply, even though I was off-topic. I’m going to study this link you sent. I’m rather a low-brow user, but maybe I can work through it. Right now my main problem is comment spam, but I like this admin page protection.