Classic SEO 2.2.0-alpha.0 - help testing

Classic SEO 2.2.0-alpha.0

Version 2.2.0 will support PHP 8.1 and PHP 8.2.

To test you need ClassicPress v2, because v1 is compatible up to PHP 8.0.
Note that ClassicPress v.2 compatibility with PHP 8.2 is experimental, so you may notice some deprecations.

Also testing in ClassicPress v.1 is appreciated.

Please report any error, warning, deprecation or strange behavior opening an issue on GitHub.
If you don’t want to use GitHub, you can comment in this post.


Download Classic SEO 2.2.0-alpha.0

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Image alts does add the alt tag to missing img alts. I love this feature. It’s hard to write attachment functions to include a decent alt… so it is a good feature. Tested a lot of other things and did not see anything to report. PHP 8.1

I’d use this over Yoast any day!



it’s been running since yesterday on one site and I have no reports of bugs either - PHP 8.1


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Some bug fixed in 2.2.0-alpha.1.

I have a test site set up since July 12th (nightly version of same date), shared hosting- PHP 8.2. The first day I encountered a small quirk that has not been noticed since. I do daily updates- so from July 14th atleast, the below issue has gone away.

Theme was either Mcluhan or Twenty Fiteen (Classic Press Child) when this happened.

The quirk was:
Say I have three blog posts written by Author A.
I want to change to Author B.
After selecting the posts, and changing authors, the name and ID of posts disappears, only the Author Name appears in the “post” list.
This happened quite fast- was not able to capture the screenshot. Below is not helpful, but indicates the area I was referring to.

My mistake; issue appeared on a site running CP1.6.

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Apologies- I meant to post in ClassicPress 2.0 discussion, not the SEO.
Thanks for posting to github. (ref. message below).

Thank you for reporting! Seems not a Classic SEO issue.
Created an issue on GitHub.