Classic SEO - repositioning the metabox on post edit page

To move the CP SEO metabox to the bottom of the page:

//change the metabox display location to bottom CP-SEO
function cpseo_change_metabox_priority() {
    return 'low';
add_filter( 'cpseo/metabox/priority', 'cpseo_change_metabox_priority' );

Thanks @raygulick.

Is the consensus that the metabox should be a lower priority and therefore further down the page? If so, I’ll add a tweak to the next release. Thoughts anyone?

Since I often use some page content custom field metaboxes which fall below the main editor, I don’t want them to appear below ‘housekeeping’ metaboxes like SEO. Otherwise, I probably would not have a preference.

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Yep no problem.

Just as an FYI, the metabox is draggable so you could move it to wherever you like but I’ll change the default priority or I might even make it a configurable option.

Yup, but if I’m doing a site with multiple editors and authors, I’d need to drag it for each one of them.

A configurable option would be nice, too.

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Just mentioning this after moving these posts to a new thread.

In version 0.3.0, the default position is lower down the page, but there is an option in Titles & Settings -> Global Meta -> Position of metabox to set the position according to preference (within the limits of CP/WP).


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