ClassicCommerce Logo

The font I used is the same font as CC inside the wallet, lighter weight though. The C’s are ok in this don’t, overall l it might be better to use a different font. Maybe Open Sans or something similar, clean, without extras.


Well I would use something a bit more staid, but see what others think.

Edit: This is Lato - it seems to have the roundest shaped Cs of the common web fonts.

And this is how it would look using Lato for the Cs on the logo as well.


I like the first one (Lato for text, but with the thicker C’s inside the logo).

In order to keep the logo recognizable at smaller sizes, like a favicon, you’ll want the thicker C’s.


Yes, just looking at them again with fresh eyes and I agree.

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My first post.

I’m a designer so my contribution to this excellent movement is limited.

I think the name Classic Commerce is problematic. Its too long and too many Cs. My strategy then would be to focus on the Classic and de-emphasise Commerce.

If this direction is liked, I’d be happy to expand it further and also to perhaps consider a more thorough identity system for CP in general.


I like this, looks modern and striking :slight_smile:

Modern? Hmmm…

Yes, modern even though it is Classic :wink:

Retro modern :smirk:

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Modern 50’s - yes. Modern 2000 - sorry, no.

Anyways, my two cents is I like it, but I am not involved in ClassicCommerce so you can safely ignore my two cents :slight_smile:

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We all are involved in all decisions abour CP&CC and are responsible for all outcomes.

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Hi @Alistair_Reid, thanks for contributing!

You’ll want to talk with @parkerj about the logo and the name, but as far as I know, both are set.

Note that ClassicCommerce is in the “research and evaluation” stage rather than being an official ClassicPress project.

As far as existing ClassicPress identity, it’s probably best to do that in a separate thread (we can split posts off into a new thread if we end up discussing that here). Here’s what we’ve got so far: and @BlueSkyPhoenix is the best person to talk to about that.

Not wanting to stir the pot too much…

The aim for my logo was to create something distinctive, technically workable (small sizes, overlaid on photos, etc.) and perhaps playful.

A more ‘modern’ approach would be to simply choose a distinctive typeface to set the name in. Which would be fine, though I would opt for all-caps and condensed, not a google webfont, and it’s still a lot of letters.

But if the goal is to come across as modern, cutting edge, I’d say there is a brand name issue for CP.

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Hi @Alistair_Reid and @LinasSimonis – one of the reasons why I haven’t commented on this project is because I haven’t been asked. To be clear – I’m sure it’s because as @james has mentioned above, although we’re thrilled that @parkerj has taken this on, this is not an official ClassicPress project. This is Joshua’s project, so he gets the final say on anything with regard to the name or logo.

As a side note – we are in need of many different talented people and your contribution is valuable. if you’d like to join us in Marketing/Design, I’m sure there are some design tasks you could take on there. We are always in need of compelling social media graphics, for example. @raygulick is working on a slide deck; you might chat with him about graphics he may want to support that project. Or, if you have ideas you want to bring to life – let us know! You can start here: Marketing Discussion April 2019


Despite owning for 18 years advertising agency, I am not a designer, sorry. But 18 years experience taught me to evaluate design and tell not only a good one, but does it match the strategy or not. Sometimes a very nice design should be rejected only because it doesn’t match the strategy. (Volvo convertible).

So, my value is only asses design, not create it. And I remember a promise about a tagline, just I not ready to present any meaningful work at this moment. But I am thinking about and searching right words every day. The problem is I am extremely busy these days by launching a new project, so I can’t write any long explanations.

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Any change we could have some new words?

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The Classic Commerce logo has now been finalised. Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas and graphic design expertise!