Marketing Discussion April 2019

ClassicPress cannot move forward without the help of the community, and each of us can contribute to marketing CP in a positive way.

How can you help?

Even if you are not a marketing pro, you can share CP with those you come in contact with. The marketing team is working on assets that you can use to make meaningful connections and get the word out. Be on the lookout for ideas on starting your own Meetup, printed materials you can share, and other ideas as we further our marketing plan.

If you’d like to play a more active role in marketing CP, we welcome the help.

I’m opening the discussion with the following guidelines:

  • No WP bashing or snarkiness will be approved as a marketing campaign, so please choose to frame any ideas in such a way that CP takes the high road.
  • If you make a suggestion, please develop that suggestion in such a way that it can be easily implemented. For example, if you have an idea for a Twitter campaign, please be prepared to actually create the tweet scripts as you think they should read. Bonus points if you also create graphics to go with them!

Most importantly: please keep in mind that we are all volunteers here, weaving in our CP work with our own businesses. We each have limited time and bandwidth. Therefore, we need not just advisors, but those that are willing to “roll up their sleeves” and actually help to IMPLEMENT the advice.

Here is a list of current marketing ideas we are pursuing. As these ideas are discussed and new ones are added, we will split this post appropriately.

Currently happening/recurring/continuing:

  • Paid Twitter campaign over the next month or so to raise awareness (longer if we can afford/justify the cost)
  • Continue “organic” (unpaid) social media posts 2x/wk or so
  • Continue blogging (community interviews, news, other things as they arise)
  • Encourage community members to approach plugin & theme devs to get support for CP

In progress:

  • Email marketing automation setup and launch
  • Press release for CP
  • Individually emailing every tech-oriented publication on this list to get people to write about us or engage us for interviews and
  • DM’ing every publication/podcast that has followed us on Twitter for interviews


  • A slide deck that any community member could pull from for talks they might want to give to evangelize about us
  • Some guidelines/helps for those who want to start their own Meetup (@wadestriebel)
  • Badges/banners/other graphics that community members can pull from to promote CP
  • A central location (the website? here in the Marketing Forum?) where all of these things are located & are accessible to the community

FEEDBACK REQUESTED: What else is needed? How can you help the marketing team reach these goals?


Re: badges/banners

What type of stuff are we talking about? Standard IAB ad banners? Might be able to help with that. Any examples of badges?

I’ve been sick and workload got heavy, so I haven’t had the time to do anything last month or so. But I’m wrapping up large project and will have time.


Hi Viktor – thank you for offering to help! We’ve had requests from time to time from people who want to put a badge in the footer or sidebar of their website, and standard social media sizes are always welcome too, so that people can share about us.

It would be nice to have a few to choose from, if you’ve got time to think through some different iterations. Our primary goal right now is to enable our community members to use these images to create awareness in their own circles.

Brand guidelines are a little scattered right now, so my apologies if you have to hunt for something – but here’s where the logos are: if you need something other than SVG, let me know; I have all the original files.
Guidelines for all the gradients we use are here:

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions – and thanks again!