ClassicCommerce Logo


Without the accompanying discussion, it wouldn’t be clear to me that this is a wallet. Especially with the small protrusion, it looks more like one of those tags that you take off of an item of clothing.

This is fine, and I think the logo is generally going in a good, clean direction, but just wanted to share what it looks like to me.


8a looks best of the submitted designs. 8b looks like a maple syrup jug mid-pour. 8c looks like a knocked over clipboard.


I’m think I’m tending to go with the simpler version, so 8a. The tab in 8c doesn’t look like a tab to me, more of a bump. Maybe 8b if the tab had radiused corners?


The differing responses to the suggested designs make me wonder if this is some sort of convoluted Rorschach test!


Nope, just “design by committee” :wink:


classic-commerce-wallet7 classic-commerce-wallet9 classic-commerce-wallet10

classic-commerce-wallet11-final classic-commerce-wallet12-final

I’ll stop now. I promise!


Yeah, that’s always a thing, that is why it’s lucky that the final decision lays with one person, otherwise we could be here forever haha.


I’ll have revised logos done either tonight or tomorrow. Didn’t get a chance to sit down and do it yet.


Well, I’m a bit excited. I think I was able to come up with a version that should make everyone happy. I did also reduce saturation of green a bit, so it doesn’t pop too much.

It’s ok if you don’t like it, we’ll keep on revising. Just do provide feedback :slight_smile:


Lovin’ this one the most! I don’t get “wallet” from it anymore… now I get sales tag and fanned out bills. Me likey!


Fanned out bills is correct. I think it communicates the idea of commerce, regardless if I see a wallet with bills or a sales tag with bills. We both see money :money_mouth_face:


Yeah, I don’t equate wallets with money anyway… I equate them with backaches. LOL! Haven’t used a wallet in probably 2 decades now. :money_with_wings:


Brilliant. It works on many different levels… wallet, bills, credit cards, price tags

A big tick of approval from me.

Nice to see the “committee” approach to design actually worked in formulating a logo idea. Maybe we should contact Slack. :wink:


It’s interesting (and neat) how the green seems to get gradually darker at the top in the smaller areas. Optical illusion of course - they are all #4DAC72.


Thanks @viktor for the work you’ve done on this. I will be implementing it and the color throughout ClassicCommerce.


Happy to help. I’ll upload svg and other files when I’m back on my PC within the next hour or so.

Did you create GitHub repo for this fork? Maybe we can redirect to the GitHub repo for now.


@James created an experimental place for it here:


I set up forwarding from the domain to the Github page. We can always change it later.

I realized we didn’t come up with a version of the logo with the name ClassicCommerce. Here’s a simple version. What do you think?


Is this the first time that font has been suggested? I’m not a graphic design person but I find it suggests “playful and a bit wonky”. To me, it doesn’t really fit the subject.


What if the font was the same as the cc in the logo? and the text same height as the wallet and not the money?