ClassicCommerce name and abbreviation

The problem is in the “Classic” name. In technology, it should be modern, but “classic” induce perception, that it is outdated. We want to “classic” translate to “stability, predictability”, this is a good thing, but together we should demonstrate latest technology achievements, etc., etc. I know many WP power users who are skeptic with CP only because “classic” means “freeze in development” for them.

I am sure, that this old-fashion logo sends wrond message. Previous logo is fine, though. Jus can be shortened to ClassCom nickname. Not a name, but only nickname.

Please, not this. It makes me think of Java enterprise development.

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It will bee, like you or not. Like Woocom, L.A., Frisco and others. People like to shorten names. To two syllables, in most cases.

I’ve never heard this abbreviation before either. “Woo” or “WC” are much more common.

I hear frequently. In conversation, not writing.

I also don’t like the name Classic Commerce. I think something like C-Commerce is better

(shorten to C-Com)

The thing is that developers don’t get to choose how everyone else shortens a product’s name. Marks & Spencer in the UK, for example, was known for years as Marks & Sparks. Matt Mullenweg even insists that WordPress should be spelled out, but he doesn’t get his way either. So you might wish a product to be called C-Com, but most users would probably still call it CC.

And, if Classic isn’t in the name, there is no branding connection to ClassicPress.


I’m not so sure as C-Com is already just as short to say

You mean C-Press? :slight_smile:

Back when there was Woothemes, Woocommerce was connected to it. Now there is no Woothemes , so the Woo bit in Woommerce has no connection to anything.

I don’t recall anyone suggest CPCom, yet :slight_smile:

Oh, the good ol’ Amstrad CPC times come to mind!