Classiccommerce Stripe plugin

I have installed Classiccommerce but cannot find a suitable solution for Stripe support. I only need the most basic credit+debit card processing, so find the current webtoffee plugin way too bloated for this.

I would prefer to use the w**commerce Stripe plugin option as it is much smaller and more basic, but the latest version does not support 3.5.3 - so can someone tell me the last Stripe version that does still work in Classiccommerce?, and is this safe to use given the ‘critical flaw’ issue posted of here?

It would be great if someone from Classicpress could reach out to Webtoffee and see if they can make available a plugin with just the basic Stripe credit+debit card processing as the Official Classiccommerce Stripe plugin, surly this should not be too difficult to maintain and would be of benefit to all concerned…

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I have Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce Version 3.3.52 | By Payment Plugins, [email protected] that was running up until christmas 2023.
It is an xmas site so mothballed until September 800 orders with stripe Oct to Dec last year

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