ClassicPress 1.7.3 Release Notes

This is not the latest release of ClassicPress!
You can find the latest release at the top of the Release Notes subforum.

We’re happy to announce the release of ClassicPress 1.7.3.

This release is a maintenance release in the v1 branch. You are encouraged to update your ClassicPress sites to v2 so you can benefit from continued development efforts and any future security fixes.

Minor changes and fixes since 1.7.3

  • Applied a fix to wp-cli to bring $cp_version into scope
  • Added v2 release information to Dashboard widget
  • Updated back ported security notes
  • Updated license text


In no particular order the following people have contributed to this ClassicPress release

If your ClassicPress site has automatic updates enabled (the default configuration), then the new version will be installed automatically. Otherwise, we recommend upgrading your site(s) to 1.7.3 to receive all latest fixes and updates.

Download this release

New sites Download
and follow the installation instructions.
Existing WordPress sites Download the migration plugin and follow the migration instructions.
Existing ClassicPress sites Use the built-in update mechanism (more info).

Full changelog

The full changelog is available on GitHub.


I am really glad to see this update, I was wondering if the security updates to WP4.9.25 would be added to CP1, with it being “not being actively developed” :+1:

Glad you are pleased to see it, but you should be further reassured that the security fixes from WP4.9.25 were actually added in ClassicPress 1.7.2, so the previous release.


Oh, my mistake, I was going by the ’ About ClassicPress’ page on my 1.7.2 dashboard.

Then I guess I will ask here, do you think that you will be able to keep up with future WP security fixes on the 4.9 version? I completely understand that there might not be the manpower to.

I am struggling a bit with CP2.0. and still working on working out kinks and making upgrading decisions.

Randy C

Can I ask what you’re struggling with? If we can solve those issues, then maybe you could move to v2.

We won’t be supporting v1 beyond the end of this year because support for PHP 7.4 is ending.

Thank you for the offer, at this point I am still working on upgrading to PHP8.0, on different hosts and servers. After some missteps, I have ended up just working on getting 1.7.2 working on php8.0. I still have different themes and plugins to test, it will be a while before I nail down a specific issue to ask for help on. :crazy_face:

I am a lone volunteer for non-profits, creating, maintaining and adding content to sites, so my mantra has been ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’!

Once you get it working on PHP8, you’ll almost certainly be fine to migrate to v2.

Though sometimes this eventually backs you into a corner.
While maybe a broad and generic statement, my experience is that it has not required a major rework to get most things work in php8.

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If you don’t fix a lot of bugs in v2 by the end of the year and end support for v1, I think my mission on ClassicPress will be over

What are the bugs you have found?

Several add-ons that I have been using for many years after activation in version 2.0 broke my page (in xampp to the main page version 2 I have no intention of uploading yet ) fatal error, and there is no adequate replacement among the plugins. I’m not a programmer to review every plugin now. More and more problems are also created by the topics I use. I have to use wp plugin to be able to insert site icon ie favicon.
There is a poor selection of plug-in themes that are exclusively intended for ClassicPress, themes that we pull from the wordpress repository, today they work on ClassicPress and already tomorrow they can switch to Gutenberg and break our siteThose are the problems I’m facing for now.
Until further notice, I’m staying at v1. 7.3

You can remain on 1.7.3 for as long as your hosting provider allows older and unsupported versions of PHP to run on their infrastructure. At some point in time though, you may be forced onto a secure and support version of PHP and at that time you site may well run into significant problems in both the core code and with older plugins and themes.

For now keep your site on 1.7.3 but spend some time working out where you are going to move when the time comes. Of course we’d like you to stay with ClassicPress and maybe find some new extensions that deliver the functionality you want, but if your site needs WordPress or even another content managment solution that’s fine too.

ClassicPress is gives you another option to consider.

I am running CP 1.7.3 on php 8.1 as CP2.0 hates the theme that I cobbled together.

But my host, thru MultiPHP Manager, allows all the way back to php 4.4 :astonished: