ClassicPress 2.1.0 Release Notes

This is no longer the latest release of ClassicPress!
You can find the latest release at the top of the Release Notes subforum.

We’re happy to announce the release of ClassicPress 2.1.0.

This is a maintenance release.

New features

  • Added a new default ClassicPress theme
  • Added Directory dashboard widget

Minor changes and bugfixes since 2.0.0

  • Transitioned to SortableJS for Media, Metaboxes and Media
  • Fixed open_basedir warning in Editor when using TinyMCE plugins
  • Backport implementation of modern PHP string functions including polyfill
  • Restored automatic installation for WordPress Import Tool
  • Replaced jQuery UI Autocomplete in datalists
  • Replaced jQuery UI dependency in color picker
  • Replaced jQuery UI dependency in Revisions slider
  • Added option to configure site icons in general settings
  • Order attachments by date rather than ID
  • Fixed console errors introduced by changes in script-loader.php
  • Backport introducing hooks for deleting by post_type
  • Introduce filter for URLs in API requests
  • Fixed modal not closing when plugins are updated
  • Fixed console errors in Customizer
  • Fixed tabbing out of media modals
  • Removed legacy Adobe Flash code
  • Updated setcookie() calls to include Samesite and array structure
  • Updated mediaelement.js to v7.0.3
  • Updated PHPMailer to 6.9.1
  • Backport preventing exposure of private post type slugs
  • Fixed metaboxes for non-hierarchical taxonomies
  • Added UI to facilitate User Taxonomies
  • Added default Media Taxonomies
  • Update general-template.php to add enterkeyhint=“search” to search-form
  • Backport fixing implicit nullable parameter type deprecation on PHP 8.4
  • Added more helpful notice when attempting to publish an empty post
  • Added Admin Bar notice when WP_DEBUG is true
  • Added a filter to the comment template form tag
  • Added option to upload media by year alone
  • Backport to initialize the $checkout variable in WP_Automatic_Updater::is_vcs_checkout()
  • Updated theme.php to use correct deprecation function for HTML5
  • Updated translation file API endpoint
  • Use correct checksum endpoint in Site Health
  • Invalidate opcache for translation-install.php during upgrade
  • Backport to fix get_sample_permalink returning the right permalink

Build and Testing Changes

  • Conditionally minimize images during build only on Linux to avoid commit pollution
  • Extended testing to include PHP 8.2 and 8.3
  • Extended Testing to include MySQL 8.0
  • Updated PHPUnit object cache testing and implement broader testing on PHP versions
  • Fixed skipped QUnit tests due to delayed rendering
  • Remove unnecessary use of utf8_encode() in KSES tests to fix PHP deprecation notice
  • Added $fixture_replacements for media categories to avoid generated wp-api-generated.js changes in testing


In no particular order the following people have contributed to this ClassicPress release
WP Team

Download this release

New sites Download
and follow the installation instructions.
Existing WordPress sites Download the migration plugin and follow the migration instructions.
Existing ClassicPress sites Use the built-in update mechanism (more info).

Full changelog

The full changelog is available on GitHub.


Hello, I am very grateful for this 2.1 update on ClassicPress!

I am currently trying to update, and using the latest version (2.1). However, I’m having issues not being able to select/upload images from the library via Bricks Builder (v.1.9.8). In the previous version (2.0) there were no problems at all, everything worked fine.

Video: 5.23 MB file on MEGA

I hope to get a solution :smile:

@byzt - Looking at the video and your description I suspect a JavaScript issue here, is there any error in the browser console?

This issue is hard for the ClassicPress community to test as Bricks Builder is not available to download for free. Have you raised a query with the authors of Bricks Builder at all?

@MattyRob Hi Rob :wave: I tried to follow your instructions, here’s a video I can share 2.66 MB file on MEGA. There seems to be a problem with the javascript you mentioned. I haven’t reported it to Bricks Builder, because I tried ClassicPress version 2.0 with any version of Bricks Builder without any problems.

hello, will this new default theme download automatically when I update?
I want to switch to it.

@byzt Like @MattyRob , I suspect it’s a JavaScript problem. I recently looked into a similar issue with Beaver Builder, and it turned out that that plugin was not declaring all its dependencies, but was simply assuming that the relevant scripts would be available. I suspect it’s the same with Bricks Builder. So the remedy almost certainly lies with the Bricks developers.

If you can send me a copy of Bricks, I’ll be happy to test it. But otherwise there’s little we can do as it’s a paid plugin.

@patricus Yes.

@timkaye I upgraded from v2 nightly to 2.1 stable and the new theme did not install (I used the migration plugin to do the upgrade using the release url link)

Is it not listed among your themes?

Same here. Theme was not added.

Have it already. Just noticed the Media Library page does not show item’s author.
Thanks for your work!

That main.min.js file is part of Bricks Builder. The only thing I can think of here is either a file cache is stale on the server or locally and needs refresh, or that js file is injecting into core HTML / PHP and the content rendering has changed resulting in error.

Hard to say without access to the plugin. But you can try clearing any caches and force reloading in your browser (usually done by holding down shift while clicking reload).

I can also confirm that the new theme was not added as part of the upgrade.
My dev version does have it after a rebase to sync my local files though.

After some very top line investigating, I think the new theme is being skipped during the update process.

In wp-admin/includes/update-core.php, the $_new_bundled_files variable needs updating to add the new theme path.

We can consider this for a 2.1.1 release perhaps, if this turns out to be the correct fix.


nope, I have the usual three default WP themes + the 3 CP child themes I had before and the one in use (HitMag) but not the new one.

Hi team!

I, too, don’t see the new theme in my updated ClassicPress installation. I started fresh with 2.0 and updated to 2.1 today. Also, I don’t see the new admin dashboard widget that was mentioned in the release post. And the view configuration for the dashboard also doesn’t show me that widget so I could enable it.

The theme thing is an issue that needs to be patched.
I upgraded another site from 2.0.0 and am being presented with the admin dashboard notification widget promoting the directory integration plugin:

@byzt Matt and I have been trying to diagnose your problem. As I suspected, Bricks isn’t expressly calling a dependency. Try going to the file ~/includes.setup.php and changing line 343 to this:

wp_enqueue_script( 'bricks-scripts', BRICKS_URL_ASSETS . 'js/bricks.min.js', [ 'wp-api' ], filemtime( BRICKS_PATH_ASSETS . 'js/bricks.min.js' ), true );

In my testing, Bricks then works again. If it works for you too, I’d suggest you ask the Bricks developers to make that change. It won’t affect how Bricks works on WP but will actually help ensure that Bricks doesn’t break again in future on either platform.

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@timkaye Hi Tim, Thank you for taking the time to find a solution to this problem. I have recently tested it by following your instructions. But the problem is still not resolved. So I am currently following @MattyRob instructions to use version 2.0.

Video: 951.5 KB file on MEGA

Thanks for the video. So it looks like wp-api is not the only dependency it needs to declare. I’ll have another look a bit later today.

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