ClassicPress Adds PHP 8.0 Support, Image Lazy Loading, And More In v1.5.0

Originally published at: ClassicPress Adds PHP 8.0 Support, Image Lazy Loading And More

After a lot of hard work, a lot of testing, and many cups of coffee and tea went into releasing v1.5.0, which brings full support for PHP 8.0.


Sorry if this is a FAQ, but what is the problem with PHP 8.1 support in CP core? It was released over a year ago, and has been the default version of PHP in one of the most popular server OSes, Ubuntu, for ten months.

Consider that a lot of work was done to support PHP 8.0 and it consisted mainly on a lot of backports from WP.
And while we are supporting PHP 8.0 WP support for PHP 8.0 and 8.1 si still experimental.

the problem is that to support PHP 8.1 some changes need to be made to core. We do not have the number of devs other open source projects have available and so every change we can make to core takes time. At the moment the core team is trying to leverage the gap by using WP 6 as a base for a clean re-fork so that they can apply CP specific things to it and go from there, and a new process of cherry picking WP improvements not related to blocks or things we do not want as a community has been proposed by @alvarofranz who is also the one coming up with the suggestion that a re-fork might speed up our processes (to which I do agree I must say).
What I have to say is that despite not having the same number of devs as WP does, CP has gone a long way on its own already and I am thankful to the core team for all that they were able to achieve.


Yes, in one sense the main problem is with the PHP devs (the people who once gave us ‘if int > maxint’ in the PHP source) for keeping on breaking backward compatibility and the consequent issues that has caused everyone, but what has caused me to finally renounce WP is that the last version of PHP it officially supports is out of support as far as PHP devs are concerned.

(I was using WP with the Disable Gutenberg extension.)

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Our focus is now on v2.0, which will include support for PHP 8.1. This will help us maintain better WP and PHP compatibility. Any help is welcome and appreciated.

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