ClassicPress icon on fontawesome

What do you think about adding ClassicPress icon to FontAwesome?
I could open an issue on github…

Can I link to this page to explain what the logo is?


I would be for! @BlueSkyPhoenix or @raygulick, as I think this falls under marketing, would probably be the one to ask about this though.

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Fork Awesome would be the other option. But they havent been giving out an update about that out so far …

cu, w0lf.

As I can see there is a request that is one year old :persevere:
Maybe giving the link to SVG file could speed up :sweat_smile:

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Message from @BlueSkyPhoenix on Slack:

That would be awesome! That page has the assets, this one has the guidelines:
I’d prefer to see them use the white feather against the dark background…

Just moving here in case you missed it :slight_smile:


Thank you @wadestriebel, I missed it!
Now we have an issue on FontAwesome and I’ve added the logo to the one on Fork Awesome, wishing it will help.
I will also take a look in next days if it could be easy to give them the fully functional icon with a pull request…


Please visit the issues

and thumb-up


Successfully compiled ForkAwesome with 2 gylphs.
Please take a look here (search classicpress):
If it is as we want, I’ll go on with next steps (and surely ask some help) :laughing:


@BlueSkyPhoenix I’m ready to do a pull request.

Need some help.
The commit I’ve make on my fork includes (I’ve never touched those) a bunch of other icons.
Can I go on with the pull request? Someone can have a look at this?

EDIT: Solved. Sorry… I’m pretty new with git!



  • PR done for ForkAwesone.
  • FontAwesome don’t accepts PR for new icons, so we are one of the 4000+ icon requests pending!

Thank you!


ForkAwesome merged the icon!



That is fantastic! Thanks @Simone for all your work on getting that added!


Nice work @Simone. I’ve just used this on a site I am building for Classic Commerce.

Can someone answer a question for me about using fork awesome. In the download there are a lot of files - folders for css, fonts, less, scss and src, plus files in the root folder.

What do I actually need to have as a minimum on my site to serve the fa icons?

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Looking at their docs, looks like the simplest way is to just add:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="[email protected]/css/fork-awesome.min.css" integrity="sha256-gsmEoJAws/Kd3CjuOQzLie5Q3yshhvmo7YNtBG7aaEY=" crossorigin="anonymous">
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Thanks Wade. I was actually trying to avoid an external call. I generally try and host my own resources although I must admit I’m not sure in this case how much difference it would make to the site loading time.

Should really do some tests. :grinning:


In that case you can grab the css files and the font files and store them locally :slight_smile:


Right… there’s really no difference in load times. So, in general it would be much simpler to go with that one line call.

Only problem is they haven’t got CP on there yet… and I need it…

So I really only need the css folder and the fonts folder.

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I was testing that, I think it might be jsdelivr.

But you can use this: (455.4 KB)

I just pulled their minified css file and the fonts required and put it into a folder.