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Per favore non portate la discussione sul piano personale.

Please do not take the discussion to a personal level.


I would like to ask one thing, even if it is perhaps premature: if I install the wpforo or asgaros plugin on the site, can you then connect it? Or do I keep pointing to links on this international forum?

Vorrei chiedere una cosa, anche se forse è prematuro: se installo il plugin wpforo o asgaros nel sito, potete poi voi collegarlo? Oppure continuo a indicare link su questo forum internazionale?

ClassicPress utilizza discourse come forum. Credo non sia possibile collegarlo a un sito ClassicPress con plugin forum.

ClassicPress uses discourse as forum.
I think it’s not possible to connect it with a forum plugin for WP.


Voglio fare una cosa chiara una volta per sempre:

  • CP già ha un forum italiano e non andrà esteriorizzato. Non ufficialmente al meno.
  • CP già ha un website ufficiale ed è uno e uno solo. Ufficialmente il CP non si associa con siti che mischiano le topiche. Se c’è un sito italiano per CP come il - perfetto. Aiutiamo come possiamo. Pero non ci metteremmo se quel sito va a mischiare le topiche (CP Italia, e qualcos’altro come servizio pago o test gratis o altro. Solo si può associare nel caso che quel sito ha un compito ben definito, lo che sarebbe d’essere la “version italiana” del Altre cose noi non ci possiamo metterci al momento).

Il foro ufficiale deve essere qui nel .org perché se no, gli utenti si confondono.
Quindi, per favore fate le dichiarazioni chiare in riguardo al compito di ed altri.

Se è un esperimento personale, qualcosa di mischiato, tutto bene però CP ufficiale non ci si può mettere.
Lo stesso è valido per il FB o altri progetti, stesso il beclassicpress. Dev’essere chiarissimo che l’.org è ufficiale. Dev’essere chiarissimo quali sono i compiti degli altri siti.

Spero che questo faccia senso e sia chiaro.

Per me, il più ragionevole sarebbe di:

  • usare il FB come gruppo italiano CP. Può persino essere “ufficiale”
  • usare il per ripresentare il CP in Italia. Senza altre cose. Solo CP. Non ci possono essere “formulario crea usuario”, “powered by (servizi esterni)” etc in quel sito, se lo facciamo fare il compito di “ufficiale” e aiutiamo in quel progetto, perché non sarebbe un’entità “separata”. Sarebbe semplicemente il braccio italiano del CP.
  • usare il beclassicpress per la versione paga (hosting, etc), totalmente disconnetta dal CP org in termini di admin, revenue etc.
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tell me if that’s okay or I need to change something: ClassicPress Italia - My ClassicPress Website

That site has three problems. The first is the title; it sounds like it’s the official ClassicPress site for Italy. You need to rename it.

The second is that some of the content is misleading. For example, you have a section titled La nostra storia, but again that makes it sound like it’s an official site. You can describe the history of CP if you like, but you can’t say it’s “our” story.

Third, you absolutely cannot just copy (with or without translating) text from the official ClassicPress website. You need to write your own.


I’d say that depends. We also copy content from wordpress
It’s after all open source.
(Like docs)

My personal opinion is he can make a cp italia as an “arm/version of cp org”. But that clearly needs to be defined as such, which I don’t see done.

I’ll chat tmrw with Riccardo anyway and get more clarity in it.

@timkaye - is there something I miss in terms of “copy rights” that our site has which he can’t use on the Italian “version”?
Like doc, for sure he could copy and translate. That’s open source and not copyrighted.
Instructions how to contribute as well, it’s not copyrighted.

I think if he changes “our story” to “ClassicPress story” for example it’d be a no-issue?

all this assuming that site will be a sole Italian version of ClassicPress org and nothing else. If it’s anything else, I see and agree with all reasoning of “can’t use” because well…. Then it’s a personal project, and not affiliated in any way with org

I deleted, I don’t want to create more problems than I have already unintentionally created.

Ho cancellato, non voglio creare più problemi di quelli che ho gia involontariamente creato.

Hi @anon66243189,

Riccardo at the moment is the owner of the domain and of the facebook group.

Since Roberto and I decided to move the commercial project BeClassicPress independently from him we do not have control of these assets, nor we manage their content.

This means that the sole liable person for the site and the facebook group is Riccardo, and you need to have a dialog with him about a possible italian community that follows the official community guidelines.

On the other hand Roberto and I have focused on building the commercial project BeClassicPress.

This as explained in the plan is basically a “clone” of with some betterments.

We are well aware that it needs its own branding, and it needs to make very clear that it’s not affiliated nor endorsed by official.

We agree also on not associating it with other commercial projects, since this could be detrimental both to our branding and ClassicPress official.

From a commercial point of view having our own branding different from CP branding helps us to make very clear that we are a business, and allows us to point people towards the official community in case they want to know more or contribute with the project. There is no need to duplicate the content of the official site, because it’s already there and does its job of presenting CP very well.

Currently we are working on our branding and assets, and we are not ready to launch yet. We believe it’s not a race to launch a rushed project as soon as possible, but it’s a consistent and deliberate effort to launch the best solution we can for our users. Rome wasn’t built in a day, it was a deliberate and well planned effort.

We are open to cooperating with developers and members of the ClassicPress official community to build this project in the best way possible.

We also think that being a commercial project benefitting from the software we can offer our support to the open source official project. That is why I asked the directors if we could have a section of our site inviting people to donate to the official project with a link to the official donations page.

We are also open to suggestions on how we can contribute more to CP official from the community.

I believe that cooperation between the official ClassicPress project and our commercial project is possible, and that being open to suggestions is going to help us plan and execute our commercial project even better.

Tagging @timkaye, @BlueSkyPhoenix, @wadestriebel, and @james since I believe that their input on the matter is very valuable.

@ElisabettaCarrara Everything you have said makes perfect sense and is also legal. I wish you great success!

@anon66243189 Copying open source code and inline comments related to that code is fine. But the text content on ClassicPress sites is not open source. It is subject to copyright.


it was my mistake! I was thinking of making the official Italian site. This is why I hadn’t changed a single word to the lyrics. Now I understand: I clearly wrote in the title Unofficial.

è stato un mio errore! Pensavo di fare il sito Italiano ufficiale. Per questo non avevo cambiato una sola parola ai testi. Adesso ho capito: ho scritto chiaramente nel titolo Unofficial.

Version 1.0 (Multisite): ClassicPress - BeverBuilderPro - Bever Theme Builder - SEO Framework.
Stable, very fast, performing, quite easy to use. Tried and you can make spectacular sites.
It’s Free and Multilanguage. Support in fb group EN-IT: ClassicPress Italia Unofficial | Facebook
The link:
ClassicPress Italia Unofficial - My ClassicPress Website

ClassicPress Italy Unofficial - New web site - ClassicPress Italiy Unofficial

ClassicPress Italy Unofficial - change log - ClassicPress Italiy Unofficial

An update on this topic by @Riccardo can be found here.

You may want to consider becoming a director:

@viktor Maybe not, personally I am not qualified. I know who is however and I know they already applied.


I think the best way to approach this is to set up multi-lingual capabilities to the main website, where we can have main pages translated if someone is willing to do the work.

At that time, if we have an Italian version available we can redirect to that version.

If you’d like to continue to manage an unofficial Italian website, that’s your choice.

This petition will be closed, but a discussion to translate the main website has been started:

I can give the domain to the community and take care of the translation

I personally think that translations must be taken care of by those who have studied languages and have carried out courses / updates on translating software, do not improvise in things because you can create problems using wrong terms.

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