ClassicPress on GCE?

Is ClassicPress available as a marketplace installation on Google Cloud Engine? It’ll be nice to be running CP on a free f1-micro instance instead of WP…


Interesting, it’s not but I’m sure if there was enough interest we could get something together :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree it’d be good to get CP available on as many platforms and services as possible.

As well as GCP, we’d also probably have to consider AWS and Azure and then it becomes a bit of a can of worms. But as @wadestriebel says, if there’s enough interest from the community, it might be something we can look into when time and resources permit.

Welcome to CP @fatclick.


I’ve done some digging around. I don’t think it’s difficult to get CP on to Google Cloud Marketplace, just need to create a deployment package for CP. I can’t seem to post any links… Anyway google distribute vm product on cloud market place, and the link comes out.

And according to an article on redstapler .co (can’t post url again), running OpenLiteSpeed + WP on GCE’s free f1-micro instance can easily handle 100K-200K unique visitors per month. Bandwidth costs ~$1.50. It’s an excellent and cheap way to host a smallish blog imo.

It’ll be awesome to have OpenLiteSpeed + CP hosted on GCE. Unfortunately I’m a noob on these stuff. Would definitely love to try out CP hosted on f1-micro instance.


We did team up with LiteSpeed some time ago and as a result, CP on OpenLiteSpeed is offered as a droplet on DigitialOcean:

While this isn’t free, it isn’t too expensive either, starting at $5 per month I think.

There’s also a 1-click OLS / CP installer on GitHub if you fancied having a go at installing it yourself.

And while we’re on the subject of LiteSpeed, I might as well mention that the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is fully compatible with CP and supported by LiteSpeed as you can see here (scroll to middle of the page).

I do like the idea of getting CP on Google and it is perhaps something we can look at when time permits.


I thought we had fixed this already :frowning:

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Same, I updated it again to see if it fixes it - sorry @fatclick, you should be able to post links now :slight_smile:

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