ClassicPress on Vultr Marketplace

Quick FYI:

Might be worth a look, make ClassicPress One-Click App to be deployed on Vultr servers.


@james it looks like they might be more willing to help with the development process.


I don’t know anything about Vultr but I was looking at this last night. It seems like they’re a bit of a clone of DigitalOcean. However, I noticed that some of the reviews on Trustpilot are quite scathing and that sort of put me off a little.

So the question in my mind was: are they worth the time and effort or would we better off investing time and effort in enhancing our DO presence? Or some other hosting company entirely?

Although we already have a presence on DO (, it’s 100% reliant on LiteSpeed and I’d quite like to also have an Apache option (possibly Nginx too). But it is quite time consuming building the image each time there’s a new release - whether that’s a new release of CP, Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL or whatever.

Just my tuppence worth.


We’ve been using Vultr for years. It’s not perfect, but it comes close. Their servers are fast and reliable, support is usually good and fast. Only one time I had to press on them to fix an issue on their network which was blocking CDN provider.

If you’re looking at TrustPilot, Vultr is doing better than DigitalOcean :wink:

No host is perfect and everyone’s experience differs. This is my experience with Vultr.


Wow. Yes. I guess Vultr might be worth looking at then. I hadn’t realised that DO ranked so poorly.

The hosting company I use - Krystal - really are nearly perfect ( and I have an open ticket with them about support for CP.


I see two kinds of negative reviews about DigitalOcean on Trustpilot.

  1. People who don’t understand that this is a raw VPS provider rather than a traditional hosting service. DigitalOcean, AWS, Vultr and similar providers do not provide guarantees about their servers’ availability or functionality, so the responsibility is on the user to take backups and keep the operating system, web servers, etc working properly.
  2. People who get tripped up by their automated fraud detection. This is a recurring issue for them, and they took some steps to fix it after that incident in 2019. According to recent Trustpilot reviews it seems they have not been entirely successful.

I’m not familiar with Vultr but from my experience across multiple projects DigitalOcean has been great. Their support is top-notch and they have actually reached out to us pro-actively multiple times to make sure that everything is going well with the services we host there.

And of course, we take regular backups of everything. There is no substitute for that.

Anyway, I don’t see a problem with reaching out to Vultr to get an image listed there also.

Ideally this process would be fully automated. Something to look into in the future perhaps.


I’ve had a droplet on DO for the past 6 months for testing purposes and it’s worked great. That’s why I was so surprised at their poor ranking. But I think you’re right in that it’s probably mostly user ignorance that’s to blame.

Yes, definitely. Something we would want to do with Vultr, DO and others.

PS - I’ve had an update from Krystal this evening:

It’s still here as a Feature Request and we’re monitoring the project closely. Onyx’s architecture is currently under a rebuild so hopefully after that it’s something we can start supporting as we do the same for Magento, Ghost etc…


I had a site kicked off Vultr on Christmas Eve evening with 12 hours notice because it violated their blanket ban on online gambling (it was actually an affiliate marketing site but hey, maybe they started the Christmas drinking a little early).

So thanks to Vultr I spent an entire Christmas Day in a hotel room with crappy internet, migrating the site to a new VPS provider.

Anyone like to ask me if I’d recommend using them? :wink:


So, would you recommend them @zigpress ? :wink:


DreamHost is another good one. I’ve been on it since near the beginning (~20 years). They offer everything, including one-click installs for WordPress and others. Mika Epstein (from WP land) works there and they actually pay for some of her activities with WP (such as plugin vetting and approval.) I’m not sure if they’d accept ClassicPress alongside WP, but, it couldn’t hurt to try. They’re a top host and very open source friendly.