ClassicPress Promotional Site

I have thrown together a website that may help to bring in some new users.

Since I can’t help with any coding, I thought this is the best way I can contribute to the project. Hopefully, I can think of some decent posts to make that will intrigue some WP users sitting on the fence.


I wouldn’t recommend people to use WP plugins. It’s not secure and they are slowly moving to WP 6. Remember WP only supports two versions behind.
Many sites are going to break with that approach imho.
It is better to point users to the forum where they can ask a dev to create a plugin for them.

Noted. Maybe I’ll add a caveat that using old WP plugins could be a security issue.

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This is inaccurate. WP officially supports only the latest version. They do go to a lot of trouble to try to maintain backward compatibility, and to make security releases for older versions (to protect the big share of the internet they have).
The two versions banner is on the Plugins Repo, to encourage people to run the latest version.

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You’re more than welcome to contribute blog posts to CP’s blog too :slightly_smiling_face: We always struggle with that.

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Thanks. I think I’ll have enough trouble making my own posts! :rofl: