ClassicPress Site Theme Development

Thread to discuss the development of the ClassicPress site theme.

Link to GitHub


Page mockups are included beside each of the requirements above.
Please note, that the colour scheme is different than in the mockups, please see design specs for more details.

If you are interested in contributing to one of the above requirements please let us know below. Once approved (to avoid double work), please use GitHub to submit a PR.

Link to Wiki
Link to Design Specs
Link to Sitemap


I am lost. Need a little context to this

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They are talking about how the website should look and operate.

That was my bad, trying to do a million things at once!

I have updated the post to hopefully be more clear :slight_smile:

This is quite clear now

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Looking at the specs, is it correct that the general colour scheme will change toward something else than what CP has been using until now?

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We actually have the general look and home page live here:

We are looking for help getting the rest of the page layouts completed :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing. Elegant, attractive, plain - and clear. It fits the CP project well.


Thanks @jfmayer!

Can I pick the latest code from