ClassicPress Specific Themes

Hi @viktor Thank you. Personally, I want to avoid WordPress themes because it is likely they will stop working in the future even if they work now.

I thought I would go with Bedrock from @timkaye for long-term stability. But he tells me it isn’t what I’m looking for.

So as of now I have found exactly ZERO Classic Press themes to run on my site. Surely there must be at least one somewhere?

Does anyone have an opinion on whether I should consider running Canuck IF I could get a copy of it somewhere?

I’m thinking it is overkill for what I need. Anyone have an opinion on Amicable (ClassicPress Theme)?

Amicable is a nice clean theme, so definitely give it a try. The other option, if you haven’t tried it, is to use the default themes that ClassicPress comes with. They do rely on the default WordPress themes, but they are fully compatible with ClassicPress. That’s why ClassicPress ships with it.

ClassicPress hasn’t had many theme developers, so there are only a few dedicated themes. Most people, if they’re not building their own theme, use WordPress themes that are compatible with ClassicPress.

Rough Pixels themes do officially support ClassicPress, so if you can buy a theme that would be a good investment. Just because themes are still compatible with WordPress won’t cause any problems for you using it with ClassicPress.

But you’re right, ClassicPress does need more themes.

I did look at Rough Pixels themes. It appears designers know nothing about marketing. Why would you waste your prime real estate on some huge image? That makes zero sense to me and seems to be current fad among developers.

They remind me of the fad of splash screens in the 1990s.

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I am the author of Amicable and some of the mentioned themes aboved for WordPress. I’m in the process of making some themes avaiable for ClassicPress soon, just need to get some of my stuff organized.


That’s super, @benlumia007. Once I get my site fully recovered I will be recruiting new Classic Press bloggers to get on board.

So please do add links to them and tag me when you’re ready so I can add them to the main post here (if it will let me by then? Edits may not be allowed after x time)?

Well, I can’t edit the original post anymore. Bummer. It is much more useful when we can keep one place updated instead of forcing people to read through all the comments and try to figure out what is current.

@viktor kindly found this fork of the Canuck theme Canuck CP Theme available - #23 by growmap at Github.

I made this post into a wiki, which means it’s editable now. Please see if you can edit it. More on wiki posts here.

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Thank you, @viktor I was able to edit the post to add the fork or the Canuck theme you found.

I’ll have more to add to it going forward. Since I plunged into moving to CP, I’m working on getting developers to create a serious blogger theme.

To do that, I’ll survey other bloggers who have been around since around 2008 who are pretty much all using the Classic Editor plugin to compile a list of what they consider essential.

And then we’ll use a combination of existing CP plugins and either additional plugins or features coded into a serious writers theme.

That way, others can migrate with less challenges than I’m having.

When I have time, I will take a look at Canuck theme and see if we can clean it up and keep it updated so it doesn’t break. It has a lot of features, multi-purpose. Would be good to keep it functional.

I’m using Canuck CP in my second-job site and I’m building (slowly) a client site using it. I’ve also developed a plugin to extend it’s icon set (now it works also as a standalone icon plugin: Icons for CP)
I’m also using Featherlite that is CP specific.

I’ve sites using Avada, Porto and Circle Flip (the last seems abandoned) commercial themes.


Just want folks to know that I understand fully the implications of Canuck CP being released under GPL V2 or later.

Note that I have not released this theme to anyone, so GPL licensing requirements still apply.

That said it is my wish that this theme not be listed or promoted here.

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Sorry @kevinhaig I did not mean to offend. I have edited the Wiki post to indicate your wish that people not use this theme.

I read such good things about it that it seemed a shame to waste all that fine work. But of course your preferences will be honored by me.

I left the mention because others may still find it on github unless you removed it.

Thanks for editing the Wiki :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Simone. I’ve added those to my list. You should read the comment below yours from the developer of Canuck CP.

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I have updated a theme, please check the forums for Camaraderie.

just to point out that rough pixels themes are now a cannot install since they do not support WP 4.9 anymore and should be removed from this list.

As of now they support WP 5.8 and higher according to their website and the wp repo. I am referring to their free themes like alurra.

EDITED TO ADD: some of Anders Noren themes seem to be compatible if not all of them. And they are not mentioned in the wiki.

I think a repo for JUST CP themes would be nice… even though as @joyously mentions, “…way too many to [list]” I do think there should be a special place/list/repo for exclusively CP themes.

Case; Point: I built two themes so far that are JUST for CP—yes, they would run on WP but would not pass ThemeCheck or repo review.

GitHub - tradesouthwest/elevenwider: Child theme for WordPress Twentyeleven theme built for ClassicPress is a child theme for Twentyeleven but it is intended for CP ONLY yet it would NOT pass wp theme review due to intentionally missing Block and body_open theme support.

GitHub - tradesouthwest/relation: Relation is a blogging theme made for ClassicPress. RUNS on wp but as above, IS intended for CP strickly. (not a child theme of anything) What I did for this theme was built a second theme called relational whereas there is support for WP component requires.

So either of these two themes above would be candidates for a CP “repo” yet would not satisfy any criteria to suffice WP’s repos.

I am willing to overhaul if the need calls for. Currently I am creating my own themes repo (of sorts) but have not solidified the scope for the site, as of yet.

The new directory will be including plugins, themes and snippets.

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Those are actually not required by WP theme repo,
Edit: I should amend this to say that the Block stuff is not required, but the body_open hook is…but that was backported to CP in Nov 2021.
although child themes need to have something more than just a few style changes.
My opinion is that we should not list child themes in the CP Directory.

As soon as we get the high priority Layout PR in (when Matt comes back from vacation), we can rebase the existing PRs and have a good basis for CP 1.5.0, which includes my PR for adding body-only support for themes. That will be grounds for themes that are just for CP.

Meanwhile, you should read up on prior discussions we’ve had about theme guidelines to follow.

The new directory …

Can you be specific about what you are reporting here. Is there a thread specifically for a [new] CP repo or are you just now announcing there (may) be such a thing in the future for anyone reading this thread?

Must agree, If one where to create such a monster; it SHOULD contain ALL CP products. to include plugins, themes, snippets. So my thinking is to keep it all in one place, like WP has. We have a CP Plugins URI but not sure how this would relate to the “new directory” as far as web address protocol (… etc.

I do see there are plans for a directory. Draft Theme Directory Submission Guidelines Thank you @joyously and @viktor I am clear as to what “the directory” is referring to.

thanks again… Mondays!