Canuck CP Theme available

I didn’t mean to imply that it’s not allowed… there are no rules against including plugin functionality in a theme. I agree it’s “handy” to have contact form built in, its just overstepping what a theme should do is all.

Yeah, sorry to misunderstand, I do come from that place where they are not allowed.

I’m sure once the theme repo is up there will be some level of curation, but we will see.


No worries. I still think it’s a fine piece of work…tons of options, a lot of instructions (once you find’em), looks pretty modern, and I don’t doubt your support a bit. Twitter seems to be liking it, too!


Cool! Looks like a good base for future projects - will take it for a spin. Would be interested to see the page-builder component. Also nice it’s CC compatible - awesome.

I can see this as a real benefit, since many WP 4.9 users have outdated themes.

Personally, I’m not a fan of contact forms in themes - as they are open to vulnerabilities, even when disabled (or unsupported). I’ve seen a lot of issues there in the past. But you’ve left that open to use our own plugins, so no issue there. Does it integrate ReCaptcha V2?

Thank you for your generosity in providing this to the community! :+1:


Thank you and yes reCaptcha V2 is integrated.


Amazing theme!
Yesterday I wanted to have a quick look, so installed it on my production site (:roll_eyes:) for a five-minutes test drive. Ok… just to see the options… then to try some tweak in the home… then… then…
Now Canuck is my new theme :joy:

Five stars and thank you very much!


Awesome, @Simone, your site loads super fast for me here in the states.


It is great to see it is going to be used:)


@kevinhaig – this is very well done. Super clean and so many options! Thank you!


Your Welcome


Hi @kevinhaig, I am playing with your theme. Can you point me to some documentation?

Hi there

Look at the Canuck CP tab under Appearance… there is pretty extensive docs there.

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To revive this topic a little
I’m trying out a Canuck theme
At first glance, a very interesting topic
But nowhere in the settings can I find how
Disable option for sticky menu.
Can anyone help me with that

Sorry you can’t disable the sticky menu.

Sadly, this theme is no longer available? Do you know of any other ClassicPress themes?

Would you consider letting someone else take over maintenance for your theme? We desperately need at least one theme to use.

I could get serious bloggers to switch to ClassicPress IF we had one good theme and some basic functions that plugins provide in WP.

Yesterday, my site was installed on ClassicPress. But with no theme I can’t get it back up.

I was able to find a forked copy of Canuck theme on Github. If you want to try it, you can get a copy here:

This is what it looks like:


Just want folks to know that I understand fully the implications of Canuck CP being released under GPL V2 or later.

Note that I have not released this theme to anyone, so GPL licensing requirements still apply.

That said it is my wish that this theme not be listed or promoted here.

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I’m sorry to hear that, but I understand. I can fork the theme, rename it, make some improvements, and provide attribution to comply fully with GPL licensing.

And I’ll remove mentions of you theme from the forum, where possible.

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Again, I can’t stop you, but I prefer if it is not forked either. There are thousands of themes at… fork one of those please.