Canuck CP Theme available

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Sadly, this theme is no longer available? Do you know of any other ClassicPress themes?

Would you consider letting someone else take over maintenance for your theme? We desperately need at least one theme to use.

I could get serious bloggers to switch to ClassicPress IF we had one good theme and some basic functions that plugins provide in WP.

Yesterday, my site was installed on ClassicPress. But with no theme I can’t get it back up.

I was able to find a forked copy of Canuck theme on Github. If you want to try it, you can get a copy here:

This is what it looks like:


Just want folks to know that I understand fully the implications of Canuck CP being released under GPL V2 or later.

Note that I have not released this theme to anyone, so GPL licensing requirements still apply.

That said it is my wish that this theme not be listed or promoted here.

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I’m sorry to hear that, but I understand. I can fork the theme, rename it, make some improvements, and provide attribution to comply fully with GPL licensing.

And I’ll remove mentions of you theme from the forum, where possible.

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Again, I can’t stop you, but I prefer if it is not forked either. There are thousands of themes at… fork one of those please.