Canuck CP Theme available

Canuck CP ClassicPress Theme

Version 1.0.2
Been working on this theme for a while, and I feel it is ready for release.
Let me know what you think, and also if any of those pesky bugs pop up.

This theme has all features and options included, there is no up-sell.

I hope someone enjoys the theme.


Wow, that looks really impressive. Font Awesome, various carousels and sliders, portfolio, colorbox… even an inbuilt contact form. I’ll certainly be taking that for a spin. Really nice job.

(and thanks for including a plug for Classic Commerce on the demo page!)


Welcome :slight_smile:


This looks terrific. I’m looking forward to trying this out!


Took this for a test drive … I’ve been end to end (on the browser side, not under the hood) and the theme seems pretty amazing! :+1:

I was a bit overwhelmed at the sheer number of options and think it would take me a week or more to fully set it up, but, it’s probably much quicker for those who work with themes regularly. Frankly, this theme has more options than every single premium theme I ever bought.

The only thing that seems out of place is the contact form (namely because of theme-lock and the fact that plugin functionality doesn’t belong in themes,) but, as you did include an option to use a plugin instead, it’s not the dealbreaker I’d usually see it as.

I’m actually a little sad to see this theme offered for free. The amount of work it took to get it here and the amount of work it will take to move it forward – not to mention the fact that it’s light years above the fray – well, let’s just say that I hope you’re not relying on donations for motivation to keep it going. :wink: A theme of this caliber is easily worth $50 per domain and, well, virtually nobody clicks a donation button for an open source project.

Anyway, I’m going to dig into the theme more and see if/how it might fit in with the content change and redesign my site so desperately needs. Thanks for making it available!

Oh…almost forgot… there’s a tiny typo in the tagline on your demo site. :wink:

EDIT: I spent an hour clicking around in the many settings trying to figure out how to create a custom home page and set up some sections. It was a bit frustrating that the sections didn’t seem to work. I only later accidentally discovered there’s actually another menu (outside the customizer) where help/docs can be found. Perhaps it’s because I’m not super-used to configuring themes or knowing where to find such docs, but, this could possibly be too much friction for the uninitiated. I’d recommend placing a prominent link to those docs to give users the best start.

RE-EDIT: After poring over the help texts, I was able to do quite a bit with the theme in a short time. Feeling much more empowered; just wish I’d found the docs sooner.


I was thinking the same thing. It’s a nice gesture, but this is the sort of thing people should pay for.

But maybe it adds a whole other level of complication you don’t want to think about (licence codes, activation, etc). Well, I hope people who use it do the right thing.


Appreciate all the comments, thank you.

I have been retired for over 10 yrs and I am not in this for the money. I love to code :slight_smile:

I also reviewed themes over at .org for many years. From that experience I have a little different perspective about what should be in a theme. Many authors there now write plugins only for their theme, in fact they will not even load if it is not their theme. Hence theme lock in is achieved through the plugin.

Code Potent, while I do agree with you about contact forms generally not being allowed in themes, I do think simple forms should be allowed. Most users don’t need the bulky plugins that can set up any form imaginable. This saves on having another plugin, and different authors code to rely on. I think that is a good thing.


I didn’t mean to imply that it’s not allowed… there are no rules against including plugin functionality in a theme. I agree it’s “handy” to have contact form built in, its just overstepping what a theme should do is all.

Yeah, sorry to misunderstand, I do come from that place where they are not allowed.

I’m sure once the theme repo is up there will be some level of curation, but we will see.


No worries. I still think it’s a fine piece of work…tons of options, a lot of instructions (once you find’em), looks pretty modern, and I don’t doubt your support a bit. Twitter seems to be liking it, too!


Cool! Looks like a good base for future projects - will take it for a spin. Would be interested to see the page-builder component. Also nice it’s CC compatible - awesome.

I can see this as a real benefit, since many WP 4.9 users have outdated themes.

Personally, I’m not a fan of contact forms in themes - as they are open to vulnerabilities, even when disabled (or unsupported). I’ve seen a lot of issues there in the past. But you’ve left that open to use our own plugins, so no issue there. Does it integrate ReCaptcha V2?

Thank you for your generosity in providing this to the community! :+1:


Thank you and yes reCaptcha V2 is integrated.


Amazing theme!
Yesterday I wanted to have a quick look, so installed it on my production site (:roll_eyes:) for a five-minutes test drive. Ok… just to see the options… then to try some tweak in the home… then… then…
Now Canuck is my new theme :joy:

Five stars and thank you very much!


Awesome, @Simone, your site loads super fast for me here in the states.


It is great to see it is going to be used:)


@kevinhaig – this is very well done. Super clean and so many options! Thank you!


Your Welcome