ClassicPress theme directory!

This hasn’t been discussed nearly as much as a plugin directory but we definitely need this too. Timing should be around v2 (with the plugin directory) or shortly after.

I’d love to chat about this. On Slack may be easier since it’s more real-time, but I can start with a few questions I have:

  • What should be the major differences between a theme directory and a plugin directory? The way choices are presented to the user, etc. I’m thinking we should be able to re-use a lot of the infrastructure if we plan it right.
  • Which aspects of theme review do you think are beneficial? Which ones are not so beneficial?
  • For people like me who are much more familiar with the processes and concepts around plugins than themes, what else should we know about theme directories / review / development?

Hi James. Which channel would we take the conversion too, or would it be DM?

For the next few days, I have an intense schedule with a new WP theme (also ClassicPress compatible) to release, but I made a note to reference your questions above once I finish up with the new theme.

Quick note about my theme background–I’ve been designing WP themes for 8+ years, and during this time, submitted many of them to the directory. I’ve also been involved with theme reviews, including taking part in theme review team meetings.


@Andre_Jutras if you’re willing I think it’d be best to keep that conversation public.

I’ve moved this to a dedicated thread, so you can reply here and that way others can chime in also. If you prefer to chat in Slack that’s fine too.


OK, thanks! I will make some notes before I follow up.


I always wondered why there was such a difference between the WP Theme repo and Plugin repo. I do know it evolved and the underlying infrastructure was different, but that doesn’t have to be the case for CP.

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Ah greetings! A familiar face! Anyway, hate to say this, but the WP theme repo is a lost cause, lol (wait, who just said that!!). As soon as I get a spare moment I have to get on these notes for James. This month has become insanely busy, and I have less than 2 weeks to redesign and make some changes to my theme site for 2020; not to mention I just updated a theme in the queue.

Back on track though, I’ve often wondered why the difference between the themes and plugins too. The plugin repo seems to have more focus on details and visual aspects too compared to themes.

But…here, it’s about CP and to start preliminary planning.