ClassicPress Usage Report - September 2021

Originally published at: ClassicPress Usage Report - September 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions about ClassicPress is “how many websites are using it?” It’s a fair question. As the predominant fork of WordPress and the best way to keep the Classic Editor as the standard editing option for the foreseeable future, everyone is curious how many people are using ClassicPress. After combing…


Congratulations to the community! I’m so glad to be part of this!

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glad to see CP is moving forward and am liking the TinyMCE 5 demo

thanks for the update regarding CP metrics


Pleased to see the positive news.

ClassicPress should be able to continue to grow with more people contributing to core development and other areas such as documentation and creating plugins which are added to the Directory.


SUPER! So glad you dug deep and gave us these stats… I’m ESPECIALLY impressed with the jump from 1500 to 5000… I believe CP will prove to be the best CMS ever, and have supported it since it began!


I wouldn’t expect this number to change significantly but I do want to note that it may change as we refine our methodology for measuring active sites over time.

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