ClassicPress Usage Stats

As we start 2020, it’s good to see that, according to BuiltWith, there are now approx 900 sites using ClassicPress. This compares to 99 sites a month ago.

We all know that these figures are still way off the true figure but at least it seems CP sites are now being recognised.

And if we had a 900% increase every month… :rocket:


Hey Tim,
That’s great news! I think you need another 0 at the end. :slight_smile:

This number is probably much lower than it should be. I was reading earlier articles on this. The issue was many ClassicPress sites were being registered as WP 4.9 instead of CP. I know this is a really complex issue, and there are a lot of details and moving parts. I suspect there are a LOT more sites running on CP than actually registered.

If you have a few more thousand sites on-board (which probably are), then you have a much bigger reason for the big plugin and theme developers to on-board.

Regardless, I have already taken CP and Classic Commerce for a spin. I am very impressed with the speed and lack of bloat.

Happy New Year!


Yes, the figures from BuiltWith are still very likely to be much lower than the true figure. I’ve no doubt it will be well over 1000 sites but, before you ask, I couldn’t even attempt to guess. It’s just that we all know for certain that the figures they produced last month were waaaay lower than they should be.

Just as an example, it showed only 3 sites in The Netherlands when @klein has over 50 active sites himself.

But at least BW now seems to be able to detect CP sites better than it has in the past.


Definitely, the number is likely to be significantly higher.

I have created a (free) account on BuiltWith. As Icheck two of my sites using CP, I see one listed as using… both WP and CP—and another one as using WP…

Both on iControlWP and on BlogVault, the system correctly identifies my CP sites as distinct from the WP ones (I am not prompted to upgrade to the latest WP version, and the site core shows as being up to date), but nowhere does the name CP appear (the sites are listed as being on WP 4.9.13, instead of CP).


Thanks for the info.

On the site that is still showing as a WP site, can you check if the following (or something similar) appears in the source code:

<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 4.9.13 (compatible; ClassicPress 1.1.2)">

The important part here is (compatible; ClassicPress 1.1.x).

Neither a mention of WP, nor of CP on that site (I have used the “view source code” tool and searched within the code for either “wordpress” or “classicpress”).

Some plugin is probably removing the meta generator tag.

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Some security plugins do that.

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It’s also a common snip added to a utility plugin.

And some themes (e.g. Divi) and other plugins (e.g. LayerSlider) also remove or change it. But the good news is that BW is at least recognising one of the sites as CP even without the meta tag.

Another CP indicator could be the presence of


On the site showing as being run by both WP and CP, I have indeed found two instances of in the source code.

That could well be one of the “signals” they’re using then.

To get the generator tag back, you could add the following to your themes header.php:

<meta name="generator" content="WordPress <?php echo esc_attr( $wp_version ); ?> (compatible; ClassicPress <?php echo esc_attr( classicpress_version_short() ) ?>)">

It’s a bit of a dirty kludge but if it works…


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