ClassicPress v2 and Elementor

I’ve been experimenting with v2 and, unfortunately, Elementor doesn’t work. Having searched the forum here I tried version 2.7.5 which did load but messed up the layout. I know James Nylen had plans to fork it but that was a huge undertaking and I’m not sure how far it got. I’m afraid an Elementor plugin alternative isn’t an option for me so is it a case of ClassicPress and Elementor just not being compatible? I will have to switch to WordPress for this particular project if that’s the case.

Which parts of Elementor - the “stuff everything into it but the kitchen sink” page builder ‘solution’ - do you require for the project, exactly?

Or is it the client who requires it, so you cannot skip over and pick several plugins which may do their job better by their own?

Eg. there is a colleague / client of mine who is very fond of VisualComposer (or however its called these days) and uses it for a lot of simple page and site building, and whenever he requests my virtual presence to help out with tricky tasks, I have to keep his requirement in mind when building more complex things.

I’d go for this for now and if there is a chance to change things (eg. because Elementor started working, or a different option came up), I’d switch the site over later on.

cu, w0lf.

Thanks a lot for the advice wOlf,

Yes, it’s not by choice that I have to use Elementor. It’s something I have to go with for this particular project. I reverted to WordPress in the end and was curious as to how the block editor had progressed over the past two years as I’ve been using ClassicPress for everything since its first release.

I’m always open to change and willing to use anything if I have to or if it turns out to be better. Having played with the latest block editor for a bit, I found myself installing the Classic Editor plugin. For me, the block editor is just awful and I’m delighted with ClassicPress. I’ll use WordPress & the Classic Editor plugin if I have to but my first choice is ClassicPress. I’ve supported the server costs earlier in the year and want to thank you and the team for all your work.

Best wishes,


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