ClassicPress Version 2.1 is out!

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We’re delighted to announce the release of ClassicPress version 2.1. This is a maintenance release and so, like version 2.0, it is based on a re-fork of WordPress 6.2.3. But, if you’re one of those who likes to say that “ClassicPress is just WordPress without blocks,” this release should make you think again. Version 2.1…


When I click on “Install”, I get sent to an error page that is blank with a white box at the top?

First impressions. The site has become much faster. Good job. :slight_smile:
However, I couldn’t find CP’s new theme anywhere. Where did I miss it? I’ll have to download a zipped version to find it.

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Yes, I think it’s faster too. That’s almost certainly because we eliminated a lot of slow-loading dependencies that we inherited from WP.

Sorry, it looks like the theme isn’t being added to the bundle. We’ll investigate and put out a version 2.1.1 when we have a fix.


It can happen. Then I’ll wait for 2.1.1!

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