ClassiPress (by AppThemes) with ClassicPress :-)

This tread is for ClassiPress by AppThemes users dealing with plugin compatibility issues with ClassicPress.

Is anyone having issues using the Dynamic Multi-Level Fields plugin by Themebound?


We haven’t seen any reports of this yet. Some questions in order to narrow things down:

  • Are you having issues using this plugin?
  • If so, what issue(s)?
  • Do these issues occur on a theme other than ClassiPress?
  • Do these issues occur on WordPress 4.9.x?

Yes, I had. Did a quick clean install on our server just to test. I will re-test and post some pictures regarding the issue. There seems to be issues regarding the folder naming structure. We have no issues when using the regular Wordpress install. Just wondered if anyone else have had issues. This is a theme-specific plugin for ClassiPress. Thats why it is published in the Theme area :slight_smile:

Cheers Roald

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OK. It’s also worth testing for the same bugs using WordPress 4.9.x, otherwise we don’t know for sure that it’s an issue with ClassicPress.

Compatibility issues with ClassicPress specifically are very rare, as we aren’t changing any of the core functionality in the v1 release series. What we’ve seen so far falls into two categories:

  • Some security scanners don’t know how to scan ClassicPress core files yet.
  • Some premium plugins that use their own servers for plugin updates expect the request to come from WordPress only, so the update doesn’t work with ClassicPress.

Been using this plugin for 7 or 8 years.

You know more about it than I do, then, but that doesn’t rule out a new issue that also affects WordPress.

No, Wordpress works fine, its a problem when reverting to ClassicPress install - believe me - I want it to work - keep u posted

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Hi again James, for your info the last plugin update from vendor was July 4, 2018

Cheers Roald

After more testing I am happy to say that the Dynamic Multi-Level Fields plugin by Themebound works great with ClassicPress. I was having was self-inflicted sub-domain issues, but everything is now fine.


Ok, glad to hear it and thanks for coming back and letting us know!