Code rejection

A small piece of code I suggested for one of the WP bundled themes back in October 2018 finally got committed to the repo today. Is that speedy development or what? It took awhile, but the contribution was accepted.

Compare this to code I worked on for CP last year, which was much more involved, but it got rejected due to v2.

I don’t use either WP or CP on my live sites, as I have switched to JAMstack. It’s more secure (no PHP), easier(no maintenance for versions of PHP or plugins), faster(static pages), and cheaper(free hosting).

It’s very disingenuous to say your code was rejected. I asked you in May if this is something you want to see in v2. PR was not closed at the time. I tagged you to make sure you were notified. You chose not to respond to state your intentions. So a month later, I closed the PR for v1 and asked you to consider submitting it for v2.0.

We have no resources to continue the active development of v1.x, so 1.6.0 is the last version in this branch. Only bug fixes and security patches will be provided.

So your code wasn’t rejected. You did not respond, which meant we did not know your intentions. As stated multiple times, please consider submitting your code for v2.0.


I disagree that my post was moved. It was about CP vs. WP and belongs here.

@joyously I can’t reply to a comment on an edit, so I’m replying here. If you look at the original topic I created, there is a note at the bottom:

That topic was specifically to give users a place to share why they were using ClassicPress. Everything else was split into separate topics. Your reply was split off because:

  1. It’s clear you don’t use either CP or WP, you use JAMstack.
  2. You had some criticism/feedback about core contributions.
  3. It did not answer the question, “Why do you use ClassicPress instead of WordPress?”

There’s nothing wrong with feedback and criticism, so I split it off to reply and have a discussion about this.