Comments editor plugin?

Hi. I’ve just today switched from WP to ClassicPress, after updating to WP5.5 caused chaos with my site. I’m so relieved to have found you because for the past couple of years every WP update was making me sweat. I’ve been using it since v1.5, but don’t like the way it’s been going.

Does anyone know of a comment editing plugin for readers that works with ClassicPress?


Welcome to ClassicPress @MoJones

So glad you made the switch to ClassicPress.

Commenting plugins are not my strong point so I’m hoping someone else will chip in with some additional info. It all depends on your requirements but I know of three comments-related plugins:

Plugin Notes
Replyable Don’t know much about this
Disqus There are serious security / privacy concerns with Disqus which is the reason why the next plugin exists…
wpDiscuz You’ll need to use version 5.3.6 with ClassicPress. Download from here

There are paid plugins too such as De:comments and probably several others.

I can’t vouch for any of the plugins I’ve mentioned unfortunately.

The most important thing to be aware of is that any plugin you use needs to be compatible with WordPress 4.9 or below. If it is, then it should work fine with ClassicPress.

We’re currently in the process of putting together our own plugin directory so finding plugins will be much easier when that’s completed.

Perhaps you could answer one question for me in return? Could you let us know how you discovered us? That will help us for marketing purposes.

Let us know how you get on.


Thank you for the welcome, and for the suggestions. I’ll take a look at them.

I discovered ClassicPress because the WP 5.5 upgrade made such a mess of my site that I googled “rollback Wordpress” to find out how to get it back to how it was before. One of the results led to a thread on Reddit, which had lots of advice, including someone who posted “Or you could just switch to ClassicPress.” That got me searching for you, I liked what I saw, and here I am - a very happy ClassicPress convert!


Tagging @BlueSkyPhoenix since the “rollback” search term is very interesting marketing-wise and in some sort of way it depicts how people may see us (as a rollback to a previous, better WP 4.9.X). Also the fact you searched for us due to a broken site is very important. We might be seen as some sort of “rescue CMS”…


Brilliant. That’s very helpful information. I presume it was this thread?

Good luck in your search for a comments plugin. I’m still hoping that other community members can offer additional information.


Yes, that was the thread that led me to you. I’m happy to be of help!


I certainly felt that I was rescued by CP - not only from that specific disaster, but from the anxiety I felt every time I had to update WP.


Good news about the comments! I used to use Ajax Edit Comments, but it broke on my site a while back and I haven’t found a replacement. I just tried reinstalling it - and it works with CP! My commenters will be very happy. Thanks.


Also excellent marketing material here, and we’re very happy to be able to do better than that in terms of stability :wink:

In case you haven’t seen our roadmap, the ClassicPress 1.x version series (which you’re currently on) will be available for a long time to come with no breaking changes.

Version 2.x and other new major versions may introduce larger changes, but these will be done as carefully as possible as part of introducing our own plugin directory etc. and we expect that 99% of plugins and themes will continue to work just as they have.


Agree. Would make an excellent quote for the home page…


That statement reminds me of how Microsoft Windows users felt when Windows 7 was ended and Windows 10 was forced on them. They dreaded what disaster the next forced update would bring - and still do.

When you fear using something, it creates a lot of anxiety. Linux is to Microsoft what CP is to WP - freedom and peace of mind.


Windows isn’t open source, and I’ll be honest with you, Windows 10 is the best thing that came out from Microsoft, but let’s not go off-topic.

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I agree 1000%

This thread has become more a marketing discussion so I am closing it. I do think there are some good discussions happening so please feel free to continue in a linked thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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