Community Vote: Number of Committee Members for 2020

At the October committee meeting a tentative decision to have 9 members on the 2020 committee was made, and to hold an election to choose among our nominated candidates if there were more than 9 nominations.

9 was a somewhat arbitrary number that we agreed on temporarily while we waited for the results of the nominations. Now that we know we have 10 nominations we will want formalize the number of spots available and decide whether or not to move forward with the Elections between December 2nd and 9th.

The ClassicPress Community is invited to vote on the number of members on the 2020 Management Committee. The poll will automatically close on 2019-11-28T23:59:00Z.

If you can see this post you are welcome to cast your vote below.

  • 9 Committee Member
  • 10 Committee Members

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Note: this poll is different then the previous poll. That poll was originally for just the current committee, but many users voted on it by accident.


I understand the argument for and against staying with the original figure. Having said that, I feel it is good for our long-term reputation if we stick by our decisions.

We invited people to put forth their nominations and explain why they should be voted in. The community then decides who to vote for when the election opens.

That is the basis of how democracy works. If we move the goal posts mid-term, that comes across as vote-rigging.

The issue is public perception. If they see the nomination “speeches” as wasted effort, it makes us look pretty silly.

Yes, it’s our first election, but that doesn’t mean we can use that as an excuse to change the rules. We are not perfect and could be forgiven for not foreseeing one candidate may be upset by not being elected. But that’s democracy.

This is how I see it, but each trust level two and above member can make their own decision with the poll, which is also democratic.


Just a reminder that this vote closes 2019-11-28T23:59:00Z.


We will be proceeding with the Election between December 2nd and 9th. Thank you to everyone who voted :slight_smile: