Compatibility with payment gateways

Is it the intention that ClassicCommerce will (initially at least) be fully compatible with existing WooCommerce payment gateways, whether or not they’re in the repo?

To give my question some context:

I’m thinking in particular of Wirecard, as I have a client who has a ClassicPress site that I built for them and now needs to add a payment feature. Wirecard will probably be their chosen gateway.

In case you’re interested, it looks like there’s a choice of 2 Wirecard gateway plugins for Woo. One in the repo, one not.

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I’d love it if it were compatible with Stripe out-of-the-box; could live with it if Stripe compatibility was a ~$25 license.


Yes, it will be compatible. If you could dive into making a stripe plugin, that is welcome. For the most part, it is going to be stripping jetpack, gutenberg, woocommerce services, user data tracking plus rebranding the project of the 3.5.3 fork of WooCommerce.


Stripe and PayPal are the two go-to’s for most of my clients…