Contingency plan: revert to Wordpress

Good point. There will be workarounds I’m sure. Touch wood. I’ve already switched Yoast to Rankmath, Big ones are List category Posts and Advanced Excerpt (to render audio player in excerpt as part of an audio search forum) and Wonderplugin audio, Wonderplugin tabs. There will be alternatives but huge work for me.


@mrlucky you are speaking as if no one is going to develop plugins specifically for CP (I understand your concern).
But trust me, as CP gains traction many plugins will be developed. Who knows if also BETTER than WP ones.
That said, a way to migrate to other platforms or from other platforms (WP included) for me is something identifying CP as business-focused CMS.

Boone? Daniel or Pat? :slight_smile:


Ops, thanks for the heads up. Typoooo.

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I wouldn’t recommend the “panic” part (backups help with this), but otherwise none of these steps should present any problems.

And as Tim says, it’s important to share problems and solutions within the CP community, because there are people here who can help you solve any problem you may have, and also knowing what our users are experiencing is another thing that will ensure our long-term success.


This is a really important point. It’s not very useful to the CP community if you have a problem and just revert back to WordPress to solve it. Much better to first ask about it and try to get a solution here.

Your solution may help others who have a similar issue. But more importantly, it can ultimately lead to a long term fix to make the whole CP platform stronger and more reliable.


One problem just arose. I am using WooCommerce Taxamo plugin for EU VAT MOSS integration with my Taxamo account. I recently needed some support, and for this the WooCommerce “happiness” engineer needed access to my site to troubleshoot. That site is currently on 4.9, have not yet upgraded to CP. I doubt Automattic would have been able to advise if they’d logged in and discovered I was using Classicpress.

I get the feeling Taxamo is quite a niche plugin so I feel it’s unlikely anyone would develop a ClassicPress version.

Adding to this as nobody has responded, to be fair I didn’t actually ask a question!

So here it is.

What can we do in this situation? ie we need support from a developer and that requires a login to admin. There is a problem if they then say, sorry you are not using Wordpress, can’t help you. This I am sure is what would have happened if the WooCommerce devs had logged in and found Classicpress, would they have been so helpful?

I really appreciate that reply, but would it have worked well if my issue was in regard to Woocommerce Taxamo?

Yes, I think the people here would take a very good shot at it. Keep in mind that the WooCommerce page currently states it is compatible with any WP version down to 4.7. That means that CP v1 shouldn’t contain any changes that will break anything with WooCommerce, or any addon that works with WooCommerce.

If something isn’t working correctly then I’d say the first step is to report it here. Try and detail as much about the problem with any messages from the error logs. That will help people here work out exactly what is going on and why there is a problem. It will probably mean there is something that need tweaking in the CP end, not with the WooCommerce product.

As long as WooCommerce doesn’t shift their min requirement to WP5 I feel quite happy continuing to use it.

Edit: Sorry, I just realised I was assuming the issue involves some sort of critical problem involving compatibility with the core files. When you said earlier…

…what sort of problem did you have that time? If it is some sort of deficiency in the plugin itself then that would be a different story.


It was that after disabling the Taxamo plugin, the orders in Woocommerce were showing some lines that looked like code, it was actually some data that was written to a Woocommerce table. They added some code to functions.php to hide it from the orders but the ticket is still ongoing as I’d prefer to actually clean it out of the database.

Ah, OK. So it’s an issue with the Taxamo plugin interaction with WooCommerce. That sounds like a bug they should be fixing, whether it is being used with WP or CP.

It looks like this is an “official” plugin made by a separate developer (OPMC?). I would imagine they’d be keen to address this, regardless of the CMS you are using.

This actually raises a wider issue and I have created a new post here: Support for commercial plugins using CP

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True but are they obliged to? It was a free plugin (WooCommerce extension) but then OPMC acquired it. They upgraded to version 2 and it became paid for and I decided not to upgrade at that point, also as new laws allowed me to de-register for EU digital VAT MOSS.

So no, it was originally developed as an official Woocommerce extension then sold to OPMC.

I suppose at this point, ie uninstalling, as I had chosen not to upgrade, it may actually be arguable who, if anyone, is obliged to support this issue.

I am still waiting to hear if they can actually follow through with my request which is for a mySql query that would actually remove the data form the Woocommerce table instead of just adding some code to functions.php that would hide it (seems to me a bit of a bandaid solution rather than a proper fix)

It could well be that somebody here will help me with this if Woocommerce can’t or won’t.

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Yes, it sounds like quite a convoluted ownership path. Whether they are “obliged” to fix it is questionable - I guess there is no way to force them so you are really just relying on the helpfulness of the current devs.

It would certainly be worth asking! Very helpful community here. If you wanted to discuss your mySql query on a Slack channel you’d probably get some advice.

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Thanks, but I don’t know what a slack channel is!

Ah. Sorry. Slack is an online discussion space -

Some people use another one called Discord -

… and there is a clever link that synchronises them with each other.

But you could just as easily post it in the Support section here.

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Here is a ClassicPress link for both:



Now if you uninstalled and deleted the plugin after making that transition over to CP, would you simply install a latest version of the plugin? And if yes, could you please send the URL for it again (I think it was at at Git but I don’t have it bookmarked).

Yes, here is the link to the latest version of the plugin: release.

Just an aside FYI for anyone interested, especially if using Divi, I’ve tested this out on two demo sites and wrote down the steps and what happened:

  1. Log into site
  2. Upload latest Switch to ClassicPress plugin or one I have saved and dated
  3. Activate Plugin
  4. Go to Tools
  5. Go to Show Advanced Settings
  6. Choose to switch back to WordPress and remove CP
  7. In the space where it reads Build URL enter this URL
  9. Go ahead and submit the process.
  10. A minute or two and it should be operatonal as normal but with latest WP version.
  11. As of 08/24/2019 this will be 5.2.2. Gutenberg looks essentially unchanged since a few months ago.
  12. Divi settings will back to be adjusted.
  13. Go to Divi Theme Options.
  14. Then go to Builder, Advanced, switch off CSS, switch on Enable Classic Editor and Enable The Latest Divi Builder Experience.
  15. Then tweak it to use the wire-frame builder version.
  16. This is very similar to back-end builder but much faster and STILL permits going back and forth between Visual Builder and wire-frame builder, or you can use the Visual Builder if desired. Whenever working with text or the WP editor it will look as before with the Classic Editor and be usable.
  17. Next go to WordFence and change settings. WordFence scan will still show some CP images as security issues. They can be deleted or marked as fixed.