Conversation with JustHost

ME: I would like to install ClassicPress, but it is missing from your Softalicious menu. Can you add it?

JUSTHOST: Sorry, is taken.

ME: no, I don’t want buy domain, I want to install ClassicPress. It’s not in your Softalicious menu. Can you add it?

JUSTHOST: We do not offer ClassicPress.

ME: Your sister company BlueHost has ClassicPress in their Softalicious menu. Can you add it?

JUSTHOST: We are not Bluehost. We do not offer that.

ME: sigh!


Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

I suppose your most viable options are to try to find a more clueful support technician or a better hosting provider.


Thanks James. The client had a JustHost account she wanted to use. I wanted to be a good citizen and let them know about the Softalicious problem, but the agent was clueless. :smiley:
I installed Wordpress and used the plugin to switch it to ClassicPress, so no problem.


It might also be fruitful to explain that they can actually add this to Softaculous fairly easily, it’s just enabling a setting on their end. The support ticket resulting from your conversation would need to be escalated to engineering.

Previous discussion with some more details about this process: ClassicPress sometimes isn't available in Softaculous


In that case it would probably be a good idea to do the part under “Step 1: Disconnect your current install” from Otherwise, we have had some reports of Softaculous trying to handle WordPress updates and converting sites from ClassicPress back to WordPress.


Thanks, I’ll do that


Just to confirm, the issue with Softaculous has been resolved: Warning about Softaculous auto-update feature reverting CP to WP.

However, there still remains a similar issue with the WordPress Toolkit that now ships with cPanel: cPanel's WP Toolkit messing with CP files. I’ve been onto cPanel several times but they don’t appear to be in any hurry to fix it unfortunately.


I missed that, thanks for the update.