Warning about Softaculous auto-update feature reverting CP to WP

I installed many of my WordPress sites using Softaculous.

All my sites that I had transitioned to ClassicPress have just been updated to Wordpress 5.5.1 because of the auto-update setting in Softaculous that I forgot to turn off.

There are three auto-update features in Softaculous: program, plugins and themes. I am going to turn them all off to prevent possible problems in the future, and take care of the updates myself.

The revert is not the end of the world, but it will be a lot of work to do all my transitions over again.

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Hi Dennis,

Yeah, this happened to me once as well. The problem is that if you install WordPress with Softaculous, and migrate over to ClassicPress then Softaculous has no way of knowing you have made the switch. As far as it is concerned, you still have a Wordpress site on there.

I’m not sure if there is any easy way around this. @1stepforward may have some thoughts.

If you still want to use the Softaculous auto-update features (and their auto-backups), then the solution is to remove the site, then “re-discover” it into Softaculous. It will then be recognised correctly as a CP site.

Oh, and welcome! Sorry your first visit had to be to report a problem. :smirk:


One thing you can do is unlink the install from softaculos and import in again as ClassicPress install. I remember there was a tutorial for that somewhere (here or on classicpress.net).
I had to use the procedure in the past and I remember it is quite easy.
For the life of my I don’t remember where it is located, but I will look if I can find it from my laptop later and post the link here.

Edited to add link for the tutorial

I knew it was somewhere…



Nothing helpful but I will contact Softaculous to make them aware of this and report back.

In the meantime, people installing CP using Softaculous should find the two tutorials by @ElisabettaCarrara to be very helpful. In addition to the one mentioned in Elisabetta’s post above, there’s also this tutorial for new installations.

I think these need to added to the official CP docs in some capacity.

Welcome to CP @DennisRivers.


I thought I would try this for one of my sites as I keep getting a nagging email to upgrade, and have successfully removed it, so many thanks.

Just out of interest though, I cannot import it into classicpress, or link it as on the Softaculous 5.5.6 install on my server there is no classicpress mentioned, and if I search for it, it still doesnèt show up.

It doesn’t bother me, as I don’t update that way anyway, but was worried that classicpress was showing up.

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It’s down to individual hosting companies which products they make available through Softaculous.

If CP isn’t showing in your Softaculous installation, then would you be able to raise a support ticket with them to ask that they enable it? It’s just a simple checkbox so it shouldn’t be a big deal to them. Thanks.

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I am Softaculous Team member. Sorry for the inconvenience caused due to Auto upgrade. We have made changes in package to stop upgrade of ClassicPress installations to WordPress. Also, from now ClassicPress installations will not be imported in WordPress.

If any one faces any issue related to Softaculous then feel free to open support ticket with us :


Thanks Punit. Good to have you drop in and clear that up, and great that you are supporting ClassicPress!


Thank you Punit.