Conversion to 2.0?

When you get to Version 2.0, will it be a “straight” conversion? In other words, will I be able to upgrade from the current version (1.6 something) right from inside my site? Also, what will be your recommended version of PHP for 2.0?

Hey Dick,

Good to hear from you. Yes, the migration should be straightforward. The minimum supported PHP version will be 7.4; we recommend 8.0 or 8.1.

It’s important you make a website backup before upgrading to v2.0. The upgrade itself should be smooth. Where you may see an issue is plugin/theme compatibility. If you can clone your website and test upgrading to v2.0, that would be the best option.

When we do release v2.0, we’ll be monitoring the forum to reply to issues quickly.

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Excellent! I always make a backup, of course… hopefully there will be no hiccups. Any estimated timeframe on the 2.0 official release?

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We will most likely release RC1 within a few weeks. A few minor issues are getting wrapped up. If all goes well, I think sometime in early/mid-September we would release v2.0. That’s just an estimate though.

If this helps: was able to migrate V 1.6 to Version 2.0.0+migration.20230727 last week- 7 days later, quite stable, no major issues encountered except for one quirk - posting in the relevant section. I am using McLuhan theme,shared hosting PHP 8.1.

Edit: PHP 8.2 on shared hosting. The host seems to have set 8.2 as default now.

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