Converting GitHub repository names into plugin folder names on a site


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Currently, installing from GitHub the plugin directory name is suffixed with -master. I can work around it, but…it’s wonky.

Also, as it turns out, @azurecurve and I have both created a “post index” plugin. I believe his directory was prefixed with his vendor prefix, but, I think he was planning on doing away with it going forward. This may get problematic once we have multiples of each type of plugin available, so, I think i’m going to revert to using the vendor prefix on my directories.


I’m keeping the folder prefix, as it lets me accurately check that the plugin is installed.

I’ve been removing/avoiding duplicate code and integrating the plugins instead. For example, Series Index integrated with Toggle Show/Hide and Call-out Boxes with Icons.

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As a follow up, I think the directory should prevent duplicate names/folders as they could cause problems for users.


I wouldn’t be sad if directory prefixes were fully required.

One thing I don’t want to see is grandfathering in of names/slugs that were unexpected. Think TechGasp who brazenly uses tens of high profile company names in their plugins. And Yoast, which uses wordpress-seo as a slug when wordpress is a forbidden term. These should have been given a 30-90 day window to update or get nixed.