Core contributor "get started" landing page

This has been discussed in the distant past, but nothing materialized.

It would be a good idea to have a landing page dedicated to core contributors to help them get started and/or get a glimpse of the status of the project on GitHub. I’m not referring to the actual instructions that we already have on Github, but rather a simple overview of the key things going on with the project.

An example can be seen here:

This uses Community Toolbox tools to display various parts of a GitHub repo:

Similar to the demo page, we could include:

  • Basic project overview, links to docs and, etc.
  • A section that would display issues labeled “good first issue”.
  • A section that would display issues labeled “wp backport”
  • A section that would display issues labeled “needs tests”
  • Any other labels/issues?
  • Then recent contributors section

Any other info we should include that might be of interest to new contributors?

We don’t have to use Community Toolbox. We can create our own script to pull info from GitHub’s API.


I really like this idea. I think it would be a good way of welcoming new potential contributors to the project. I think the list of areas to cover is comprehensive - I can’t think that anything else is needed - maybe new tickets awaiting first response - but perhaps that should be more of a core function.


I think that would be great, not sure if this is related to what was mentioned here: Write introduction for new User Guides Section

But my two cents is the more eyes on open issues, regardless of where they are (Github and/or the website), the better in our situation.


I wanted this, but was told to not add this since “developers expect these docs on git”
However, I agree we need it, of course, because to discover that doc is probably not as easy as it could be, and also, git doesn’t help us score in the web, but content on our websites does.

If we add such section it should be here
This is the link we use for all “help contribute yada yada”

I think Get Involved page needs to be broken down into smaller target audiences with additional pages for each. Mixing everything together just confuses everyone.

So the page would lead visitors to the page based on their skills. Maybe:

  1. Core Development
  2. Plugins & Themes Development
  3. Marketing and Design
  4. Documentation

And we would have a page for each with relevant information. For Core Development this would include listing GitHub issues as described in the original post.

Having individual pages specific to skill sets would also be good for social media sharing.


I agree - the only issue I think is that core uses this link
Maybe we could just re-link from that page, to other pages

This way we can use it as a main landing page “get involved” and from there link to other pages
Those can then also be directly shared

I guess all we need is write up the content. I can add the pages anytime (either on main or doc, I’d prefer doc, because it kind of is a “guide”)