Core plugin or feature for automatic backups

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The response from duplicator/pro devs is that they are going to be adding this feature within the next 3 to 6 months. Seems there have been a more than just a few people asking them for this exact thing for a while. But there seems to be more interest recently.

So, it apparently can be done.


I install Updraftplus on every one of my sites for obvious reasons, and of course there are others. I think it is an obviously fantastic idea to somehow integrate a backup option for CP where it automatically backs up your site database and files to Dropbox or Google Drive or whatever if that option is enabled, and then set to be daily or weekly or monthly (for an older “legacy” site). That being said, I’m not the developer/programmer (at least not yet) who could build that out and I know that that would clearly have to be a “down the road” goal for a future iteration of CP since it seems like it’d be a pretty major addition. I think it’d be awesome, but alot of work for a future release version.

Might be worth taking a look at Akeeba Backup which already supports Cloud Backups

Send backup archives to any FTP, FTPS, SFTP server; store backup archives on many commercial cloud storage providers, including DropBox, Amazon S3,, and more.

a dedicated backup for CP core is good but pretty sure not that important right now. Maybe later version since any 4.9x compatible Backup plugin is working fine for now.