Core support for basic backups

It’s stupid to have a nag about doing a DB backup before updating core and plugins and not having a simple tool to let the user make that DB backup and recover. A simple DB export (and possibly import) feature should be in core.

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Author: Alvaro Gois dos Santos

Vote count: 25

Status: open


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Same. Unfortunately, this backup (and restoration) method is a bit of a pain, and regular users won’t know how to do it.

Reliability of backups and restorations can’t be guaranteed across all hosting environments. Backup plugins have multiple methods to generate backups and extensive ways to try and restore backups without exhausting hosting resources.

If we add backup feature to the core, it will fail often. This means we will have to deal with angry users and try to troubleshoot a problem that’s not really a problem because user has cheap shared hosting.

I will set this petition to close, but do comment if you disagree.


I totally agree. The one reason I’m using the command line to make backups and restorations (and also themes and plugins installations) is that my webhost frowns upon CMSs modifying themselves. Not because of cost issues though, but because of security concerns.

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