Core support for modern microformats v2

There’s already core support for the older v1 microformats, but it would be nice to modernize to the v2, and in particular for the proper use of h-entry and h-feed. Adding these on top of/in addition to the prior hentry and hfeed shouldn’t cause any conflicts.

See also: Getting Started With microformats2 – Microformats

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Author: Chris Aldrich

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Status: open


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A possible alternative solution to microformats in the core is to remove them, so the theme/plugin can handle it properly. Google prefers JSON-LD anyways. I’ve created a petition for the removal, in case anyone is interested.


I proposed a generic way to handle this several years ago at WP.
This is tied in with my petition to have core handle the front end more because core would have the function for filtering the attributes that every theme would use.
I don’t think core should be doing the microformats or the schema. Let the plugins that know about the site’s data do it, but core can provide the functions.
But definitely, core should be fixed for hentry and hfeed.


This petition will be closed. Preference will be given to removing microformats from the core:

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